“Saga Louts” latest outing

We had a successful morning clearing shingle weed & mud off the main & north slipway today.  Mike has kindly provided photographic evidence  (attached) that we don’t just drink coffee and eat biscuits!  ( Bit worried about the picture from the seaward end though, those foot prints only seem to be going one way  – have we lost anyone?)

Partners in crime for todays fun and games were John, David, Mike, Ron, Michael, Nick C., Tony P., & Chris.  with Tony R doing sterling service making the coffee, issuing biscuits and cleaning up after us.

I’m proposing another mwwp next week to have another cleaning session on the pontoons,  (The birds seem to have regarded our previous efforts as a challenge!) also one of the rubber float covers has on the south pontoon has come off so we need to refit that and put new ropes on it.  I would also like to look at the bridge on the  north pontoon to see if we can do anything to tidy it up and prolong its life.

Thanks all,

 10:00 hours Thursday next week for those that can make it.

Chocolate biscuits to be provided.