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The new CYC website has now been running for over three months and to date it has had over 44,000 page views, averaging over 100 visitors each day. Our aim is to evolve the site to provide more services to members, improve communication and promote the Club to potential new members.

In the next stage of the website project we are launching

  1. Members’ login,
  2. For sale and wanted,
  3. New crew exchange
  4. Open meeting online registration and payment.

We are also working on a new cruise booking feature, but as the cruise year has already begun we will not be releasing this until next year. The yacht and motor section are trialing the new system to make sure that it meets their needs. This year (2016) we will continue to use the existing cruise booking system reached by following the link Sign in (Book a Cruise).

These new features and future enhancements require a member login page, which will need you to register with the site in order to get a password.

We hope that you like the new features. If you have any suggestions for improvements, leave us a note by visiting the contact us page on the website.

Registration and Login

The Login link is located beneath the “CYC Welcomes New Members” button on every page.

Please note that the “Sign in (book a cruise)” is also located in this section. To book cruises you should continue to use the “Sign in (book a cruise)” link for the 2016 sailing season.

Clicking on the login link will take you to the Login/Register page where you are able to register your username and password.


  • Usernames cannot contain spaces.
  • Email addresses must be unique. i.e. the system will not allow two accounts to have the same email address.
  • To register you will need to know your membership number, printed on your CYC membership card.

The registration form also allows you to enter profile information that we can use to make features like booking cruises easier in the future. Please complete as much of your profile as you can.

Wanted and For Sale


The Wanted and For Sale feature allows members to post classified ads on the website to sell items that they no longer need.

These adverts are visible to anyone visiting the site, but only logged in members can post or edit their adverts.

The Wanted and For Sale main page can be located in the “off the water menu”. From here you can manage your adverts, post a new advert or edit an existing one.

The club takes no responsibility for anything bought or sold through the wanted and for sale ads.

Crew Exchange

crew exchangeThe website now has a new crew exchange feature. This will replace the current static list in the Yachts and Motors side menu.

The new crew exchange feature will permit members to post adverts for crew exchange. These adverts may be general for people offering crewing opportunities throughout the year, or specific, if you need a crew or a skipper for a specific event.

The crew exchange adverts are very similar to a classified ad, but are NOT visible to non-members. You must log in to see the crew exchange requests and offers.

Logged in members can post, edit and withdraw their own adverts.

Open Meeting Bookings

The new site will allow people attending open racing events to register and pay in advance using PayPal.

The open events can be found on our “What’s On” calendar or the “Open Meetings” under the dinghies menu.