East Head BBQ Cruise 2017

This years all-section East Head Cruise and BBQ was one of the best yet, the glorious sunshine and warm water made East Head feel more like the south of France than the south of England. The tides this year meant that Sunday was the only weekend date that was suitable with a morning falling tide and an evening rising tide, so the dinghy section had to set a very early alarm clock to be rigged and ready to leave the club by 8:30am. The very light wind in the morning required a tow to Itchenor, where there was at last some gentle wind. At East Head the strong contingent of Motors were joined by members of the Yacht and Dinghy section, with some even battling there way through the Wittering’s traffic to drive down. The BBQ battle was easily won by the Motor section with the Thai street food putting the more typical burnt burgers clearly in the shade. The Temperatures were so high, that even after a number decided to go for a swim, many were tempted by the very entrepreneurial Ice Cream Boat that was selling from a freezer mounted on its deck. After a some dinghy rides in the afternoon the CYC group slowly returned to the water and traveled back up the harbour on the rising tide. There are more photographs on the Yogile Site.