Dinghy Prize Giving Awards over 50 Prizes.

The Dinghy section held its annual prize giving on Saturday the 11th November. Chris Merryfield-Day, with Katie Merryfield-Day and the Petworth youth band played music while many members of the dinghy section arrived and had drinks in the bar. Early in the evening there were prizes for the optimist fleet, some of whom were hot-foot from an earlier birthday party.

Prizes were awarded for the Optimist Race Fleet and the Optimist Junior Race fleets. Also, prizes were awarded for the turbo regatta, which we had neglected to award during dinghy week!

The Topper youth sailors were awarded certificates by Martin Orton to mark their progress, with some moving into Feva’s this year and others joining squads as they develop their racing skills.

After a chinese buffet prepared by Andy and the CYC kitchen staff, the evening progressed to the club race series awards. This year over 45 people had been placed in one or more race series, with each of them being awarded an engraved glass to commemorate their achievement. When the trophies were awarded, the most successful crew were Chris Grosscurth and Emma York who had been most consistently placed over all of the summer series. Phil Allen won prizes for long distance races, Derek Jackman won prizes for best placed Solo, and Helen Green won prizes in multiple competitions, each with a different crew.

This year the Midweek sailors celebrated the achievements of Terry Moore and Simon Allen who were awarded prizes for their contributions to the Midweek sailing group.

Two prizes were awarded to recognize contribution to the dinghy section. A new trophy named after long term and much missed members of the dinghy section Malcolm and Sylvia Pye was awarded to Jo Dipple for her coordination of the Midweek sailors group. The Abate trophy, was awarded by the Rear Commodore Dinghies to Clive and Claudia Bush for their considerable efforts in developing the Optimist fleet at CYC.

Finally, Mark Green (RC dinghies) presented flowers to Biddy Colbourne for her continued work as section secretary and running the Tea bar, and to Meryl Deane who worked very hard to organise the prize giving event.

More Photographs are available on our Yogile Page.

Full Race results are available here.

Dinghy Section Prizes

Prize Awarded to
Abate Trophy for contribution to the Dinghy Section Clive and Claudia Bush for their contribution coordinating and developing the clubs optimist coaching.
Malcolm and Sylvia Pye Trophy for a recently joined member that has made a major contribution to the dinghy section. Jo Dipple for her successful coordination of Midweek sailors.

Optimist Results

Helm Event Result Trophy
Thomas Dempsey 1st Optimist Race Group Optimist Trophy
Effie Grant 2nd Optimist Race Group
Bas Bush 3rd Optimist Race Group
Ewan Edwards 1st Junior Race Group Optimist Trophy
Oliver Davies 2nd Junior Race Group
Charlie Stevenson 3rd Junior Race Group
Beau Hancock Most improved optimist.

CYC Race Series Results

Helm and Crew Event Result Trophy
Al Jenkin & Manu Jenkin 1st Summer Series (Modern/Fast) Clancy Cup for 1st Asymmetric in a summer series
2nd RNLI Pursuit
3rd Midsummer Frolic (Modern/Fast)
Ali Hall 4th Barts bash
Andy Conway 2nd Late Summer Series  (Modern/Fast)
3rd Lady Todd (Modern/Fast)
Andy Palmer-Felgate 3rd Late Summer Series  (Traditional/Slow)
Bill Grose & Sally Cantello 1st Mission to Seafarer Pursuit Mission to Seafarers Pursuit Pennant
2nd Bass Cup
Charlie Gran 1st Youth Regatta Sussex Penguin Trophy
Charlie Porter 1st Lady Todd (Medium/Classic) Lady Todd Trophy
1st Bass Cup
1st Barts bash
2nd Midsummer Frolic (Medium/Classic)
Chris Grosscurth & Emma York 1st Midsummer Frolic (Modern/Fast)
1st Birdham Barrel (Modern/Fast) Birdham Barrel Trophy
2nd Lady Todd (Modern/Fast)
2nd Summer Series (Modern/Fast) Yeoman Trophy for leading 2 man boat in a summer series not the winner.
2nd Autumn Series (Modern/Fast)
2nd Barts bash
2nd Mission to Seafarer Pursuit
2nd Weekend Evening (Fast)
3rd First Breath (Modern/Fast)
3rd RNLI Pursuit
4th Bank Holiday Pursuit
Chris Hodge & Louise Varley 4th Spring Fling (Modern/Fast)
Clive Bush 3rd Birdham Barrel (Medium/Classic)
Derek Jackman 1st RNLI Pursuit RNLI Pennant
2nd First Breath (Medium/Classic)
2nd Late Summer Series  (Medium/Classic) Holt Trophy for Leading Solo in a Summer Series
Emma York Osbourne Crew Trophy for Leading Crew in Weekend Series
Geoff Newman 2nd Autumn Series (Medium/Classic)
3rd Lady Todd (Medium/Classic)
Helen Green 2nd Womens Regatta
Helen Green & Biddy Colbourne 1st Autumn Series (Modern/Fast) Albacore Autumn Trophy
Helen Green & Mark Green 2nd Spring Fling (Modern/Fast)
Helen Green & Sam Forbes 3rd Summer Series (Modern/Fast)
Helen Green & Stephen Green 2nd First Breath (Modern/Fast)
Ian Lissamore 2nd Bank Holiday Pursuit
Ian Payne 1st First Breath (Medium/Classic) Evening Tankard
1st Summer Series (Medium/Classic) Harper Laser Trophy
1st Late Summer Series  (Medium/Classic)
2nd Lady Todd (Medium/Classic)
2nd Up the Creek
2nd Long distance series
3rd Barts bash
John Cox & Pauline Cox 1st Lady Todd (Modern/Fast) Albacore Open Trophy
Julian Wilkins 4th Mission to Seafarer Pursuit
Laurence Murray 1st Autumn Series (Medium/Classic) Leading Solo in an Autumn Series
1st Birdham Barrel (Medium/Classic) Mirror Open Trophy
Lily Speed 2nd Youth Regatta
Lucas Sproul 1st Late Summer Series  (Traditional/Slow) Eric Bransby-Williams Trophy
Lucy Boreham 1st Spring Fling (Medium/Classic)
2nd Summer Series (Medium/Classic)
4th First Breath (Medium/Classic)
Mark Green 4th Late Summer Series  (Modern/Fast)
4th Long distance series
Meryl Deane 1st Womens Regatta Farrant Ladies Trophy
4th Late Summer Series  (Medium/Classic)
4th RNLI Pursuit
Meryl Deane & Tom Neidel 1st Lady Todd (Traditional/Slow)
1st Weekend Evening (Slow)
2nd First Breath (Traditional/Slow)
2nd Late Summer Series  (Traditional/Slow)
Michael Olliff & Paula Olliff 1st First Breath (Modern/Fast) First Breath Tankard
4th Lady Todd (Modern/Fast)
4th Summer Series (Modern/Fast)
Nick Colbourne & Biddy Colbourne 1st Midsummer Frolic (Medium/Classic)
1st Bank Holiday Pursuit
1st Weekend Evening (Fast) Boxhill School Trophy
3rd Midweek Evening (Fast)
Nick Elliman & Roger Elliman 1st Half way up the Creek Virtual Trophy
Nigel Cowan 2nd Midweek Evening (Fast)
Noman Thorne 3rd Late Summer Series  (Modern/Fast)
Oliver Randall-May 1st Autumn Series (Traditional/Slow) Birdham Half Pint
Ollie Mckenzie 3rd Youth Regatta
Paul Mapstone & Bella Mapstone 2nd Birdham Barrel (Modern/Fast)
3rd Autumn Series (Modern/Fast)
Paul Thornton 4th Autumn Series (Medium/Classic)
Paul Trevan 2nd Spring Fling (Medium/Classic)
2nd Birdham Barrel (Medium/Classic)
3rd Late Summer Series  (Medium/Classic)
4th Summer Series (Medium/Classic)
Phil Allen 1st Up the Creek Up the Creek Trophy
1st Long distance series Bell Trophy for leading boat in long distance series
1st Midweek Evening (Fast) Evening Tankard
2nd Half way up the Creek
3rd Bank Holiday Pursuit
3rd Weekend Evening (Fast)
2nd Midsummer Frolic (Modern/Fast)
Phil Raby 4th First Breath (Modern/Fast)
Richard Anderton 3rd First Breath (Medium/Classic)
3rd Spring Fling (Medium/Classic)
Richard Smale 4th Spring Fling (Medium/Classic)
Roger Clare 3rd Birdham Barrel (Modern/Fast)
Roger Clare & Andy Clare 1st Spring Fling (Modern/Fast)
Ron Green 4th Midweek Evening (Fast)
Solo 4925 3rd Up the Creek
Tim Boon 3rd Summer Series (Medium/Classic)
3rd Bass Cup
3rd Mission to Seafarer Pursuit
Tim Scott 3rd Midsummer Frolic (Medium/Classic)
3rd Half way up the Creek
Tim Spencer 3rd Spring Fling (Modern/Fast)
Tom Dobbs 3rd Autumn Series (Medium/Classic)
4th Lady Todd (Medium/Classic)
Tony Purser 1st Late Summer Series  (Modern/Fast) Solus Trophy
3rd Long distance series
4th Weekend Evening (Fast)