Easter Cruise 2018

Ten yachts arrived in Universal Marina in the Hamble on Good Friday for our first cruise of the season. Most of us sailed all the way in a cold and wet easterly wind. We held our drinks party in the Bistro 8 restaurant to regain some warmth before people went their separate ways for eating. On Saturday we sailed to the Medina in a dry westerly wind. Some berthed in Island Harbour, whilst the majority moored up in Folly Reach, which was exceptionally quiet for an Easter weekend. In the evening, drinks parties were held on board Dawn Chorus and Bugsy 2. We then took the water taxi ashore and all ate at the Breeze restaurant in Island Harbour, who provided us with an excellent meal, and the Easter Bunny gave out seasonal gifts. On Sunday morning most of us motor sailed back to Chichester in a gentle north westerly wind, to get back before the more unpleasant weather forecast for Monday arrived.

It was a great turnout for our first cruise of 2018. It was the first time out for most boats, so it was a shakedown, longjohns and Easter cruise all in one. Well done to Bugsy 2, Raven, Coco, First Light, Dawn Chorus, Teise, Elise, Obsession, Kerry Dancer, and Quintette. It was particularly nice to welcome Michael and Jean in Obsession and David and Caroline in Elise on their first CYC cruise.

– by David & Gill Roberts