New coaching dates for November and December

Winter Youth Coaching at CYC

We have added the following dates to our 2019 Training Programme:

Fun on the Water:

• 10th November 08:00
• 17th November 12:30
• 24th November 08:00
• 1st December 12:45
• 15th December 11:15
• 29th December 11:30

Fun Start to Race (FunSTR):

• 9th November 08:00
• 30th November 11:45
• 14th December 10:30

Race Development (£20):

• 16th November 11:00

Anyone with their Stage 3 or above is welcome to join these training sessions. The Fun Start to Race sessions are aimed at progressing from Stage 3 towards Club Racing, while the Race Development sessions are for those who have already completed a Start to Race Camp, or who have already completed in club racing.

Winter Adult Coaching at CYC

• 9th November 08:00
• 16th November 11:00
• 30th November 11:30
• 14th December 10:30
• 28th December 10:30

Beginner: £40
Intermediate: £17

Anyone is welcome to join these sessions, as either a beginner or intermediate. (Intermediates should be able to launch on their own and sail a triangular course).

Clothing: As we move into winter, sailing is still possible, but it is necessary to wear some warmer layers, including a full wetsuit, wetsuit boots, hat, gloves and ideally a waterproof layer. Thin fleeces can be warm under the waterproof top to help stay warm.
Weather: The weather in winter can be particularly unpredictable, but we will aim to run every session, with land-based alternative sessions should the weather not be suitable to go sailing.

Please book all the sessions through the office as far in advance as possible, as this allows us to book instructors.

All sailors are encouraged to join in the Winter Racing at CYC.