Club Commodore Communications


Dear Members

Following the Prime Minister’s announcement on Monday concerning moving forward to Step 4 on the Government’s Roadmap for lifting the remaining Covid-19 restrictions, I would like to update you on the decisions we have made as a Club.

Our primary concern throughout this pandemic has been to ensure we provide a safe and secure Covid Environment for our members and staff alike. The local and national infection case numbers are continuing to rise fast. We have had a recent Covid situation at the Club which necessitated closing our kitchen service for 10 days and placing a number of staff in isolation. This disease has not gone away.

Therefore, from Monday 19th July, the Club will operate as follows:

  • Table hosted service will continue in our main restaurant areas
  • The garden service will revert to a hatch-style service
  • Members using the garden, the Wheelhouse and the Bar area can order drinks and food via a hatch service operating from the Conservatory
  • The Dinghy Section Teabar can reopen
  • Staff members will continue to wear masks and protective equipment
  • Hand sanitiser and cleaning equipment will still be available throughout the Clubhouse
  • We would ask you to be respectful of our staff and other members and request that you continue to wear your masks within the Clubhouse
  • We are currently reviewing our summer Club Social programme and will update you in due course
  • We will be monitoring numbers using the Clubhouse and we may have to restrict numbers at peak times.

I hope you agree that the remaining precautions that we are taking will have minimal impact on your continued enjoyment of all our wonderful facilities, yet they offer you and your family protection whilst you are with us.

I look forward to seeing you at the Club again soon and in the meantime please remain safe and healthy.

Tony Mobbs
Chichester Yacht Club


Dear Member

I think you may have been as disappointed as we were by the Prime Minister’s announcement earlier this week extending the Covid restrictions until July 19th. The current restrictions mean we are limited to offering table service to members and visitors in the Garden and the Clubhouse restaurants.

We are fortunate to have a large Clubhouse and we can accommodate a large number of members both inside and outside. Since the lockdown has ended, together with the exceptionally warm weather, we are experiencing a higher than normal number of members coming to the Club. Which is, of course, welcome and it is super to see you all after such a long time, but it does mean that at peak serving times facilities are becoming overstretched and can lead to some delays in service. So, if you could consider coming as early as possible this will help us all.

These delays sometimes lead to frustrations, which sadly, some members are beginning to take out on Staff Members. This behaviour is, I’m sure you will agree, totally unacceptable at the Club, or indeed anywhere else, and if this behaviour continues appropriate action will be taken, which could lead to suspension of membership. So, please be kind, and rest assured everyone is working as hard as they can, given the current Covid restrictions to deliver a great service to all our members.

Finally, you may remember that earlier this year, I announced a new Covid Loyalty Scheme to reward members for staying with us throughout the Covid crisis. This scheme will now start from 21st June and will be open until the end of August. If you are eligible and wish to take up the offer, then contact the Office next time you are at the Club and they will top up your membership card.

Hope to see you at the Club again soon

Tony Mobbs
Chichester Yacht Club

FRIDAY 14 May 2021

Dear Member

Following the Prime Minister’s announcement on Monday concerning moving forward to Step 3 on the Government’s Roadmap for lifting the current Covid-19 restrictions, I am pleased to inform you that from Monday 17th May we are allowed to re-open the Clubhouse again to members.

I would like to thank you personally for your patience over the last few months when we were not allowed to welcome you into the Clubhouse.  Our hospitality team are really looking forward to seeing you again. Monday represents a major step in our plan to returning the Club to some degree of normality for members and we are looking forward to the final step in June.

However, we will still have to operate under some continuing Covid-19 restrictions:
•    Please observe the Government’s guidance on HANDS-FACE-SPACE
•    Masks are to be worn whilst members are moving around the Clubhouse
•    All tables in the Restaurant, Quarterdeck, Bar and Wheelhouse will be Table Service
•    Tables in the Clubhouse are restricted to groups of six, or two family households
•    Groups of up to 30 can now meet up in the Garden
•    The current Order-Collect-Return service will continue in the Garden
•    The Club Conservatory will remain closed to members for now, in order to provide the Garden Service
•    All members and guests must use the Government’s Track and Trace system. If you do not have the App on your phone then please contact a member of staff for a paper-based alternative.

To avoid disappointment, it is recommended that if you wish to dine within the Clubhouse to book a table in advance by calling the Club on 01243 512918 Opt 2 to speak to a member of staff or to leave a message.

The new relaxations also mean that the Club’s Changing Rooms and cubicle showers are now open to members. But please observe social distancing at all times.  However the Dinghy teabar will have to remain closed for now.

Our popular Takeaway Service will continue to be available from 0930 to1600 each day.

There has been a lot of hard work carried out behind the scenes in order to welcome you back on Monday. I would like to thank Manu Jenkin and Tom Dewey for their leadership and dedication throughout this difficult time.

Please keep safe and healthy and I look forward to seeing you in the Club again soon.

Tony Mobbs
Chichester Yacht Club


Dear Member,

Following the Prime Minister’s announcement on Monday concerning moving forward to Step 2 of the Government’s Roadmap to lifting the current Covid-19 restrictions, I am pleased to inform you that on Monday 12th April we will be opening the Garden and Wheelhouse for meals and drinks.

We have introduced a new Garden Menu which is available from 1200 to 1430 everyday and 1800 to 2000 Friday and Saturday evenings. Bookings are being taken for the Wheelhouse, please call the Bar 01243 512918 Opt 2 to book and leave a message on the answerphone.

Of course hot food from our popular Takeaway Menu will continue to be available from 0930 to 1500 everyday.

We will also be opening the Sloop Toilets from 0930, however at this time the main Clubhouse will have to remain closed to members.

Also from Monday, members will be allowed to stay overnight on your boats. So our popular cruising in company programme can resume again soon. Please check the Club’s website for more information.

Remember Covid-19 is still with us and still represents a significant risk of cross infection, so please continue to follow the Government’s guidance on HANDS, FACE and SPACE.  Under the latest Covid restrictions, groups of up to 6, or two household bubbles, can meet up out of doors.

Monday represents the next major step in our plan to return the Club to some degree of normality. Behind the scenes , the Staff are working hard preparing the Club  and we are looking forward to the next steps in the Roadmap when we can welcome you back into the Clubhouse.

In the meantime, please keep safe and healthy and I look forward to seeing you at the Club again soon.

Tony Mobbs
Chichester Yacht Club

Friday 5th March 2021

Dear Member

Following the recent announcement of the Government’s latest 4 Step Roadmap to lifting the current Covid-19 restrictions, together with the recently updated Harbour Conservancy Guidance on recreational boating in the harbour, the Club’s Major Incident Committee has agreed the following pathway plan to reopening the Club’s facilities, allowing us to return to our favourite water based leisure activities:

  • From March 8th recreational boating can restart from Chichester Yacht Club. The Club’s slipways will be reopened to members and the Club’s garden will again be open to members. However we all still need to be aware of the Government guidance on “Stay at Home” and “keep local” for exercise and recreation and only interacting with one other person. For members with larger boats, access to the harbour will depend on your local marina, as different policies are currently being implemented around the harbour.
  • From March 29th organised boating events can restart, such as dinghy racing, training, 1-1 coaching and harbour cruising. Overnight stays on boats will not be allowed, but two households or up to 6 people will be allowed to meet up. The Sloop toilets will be open to our members when there is a Club organised sailing event, but our changing rooms will remain closed.
  • From April 12th the Club’s Garden and Wheelhouse will be opened for drinks and meals. Two households or up to 6 people can meet outside. Overnight stays will be allowed, so cruising can restart, but cruise leaders will need to check with destination marinas, together with any other local restrictions. The Sloop toilets will be opened in line with our Club opening hours. Outdoor Section Socials can restart.
  • From May 17th the Clubhouse will be opened, but, as before, we will be restricted to the rule of 6, but up to 30 can meet in the garden. Indoor Section Socials can restart. Some limited Club Socials can restart, as too other small external events. The Club changing rooms will reopen.
  • From June 21st all restrictions are lifted and larger Club Socials and external events can restart.

I know this has been a frustrating time for us all, but at least now we have a pathway to return to some degree of normality. But please be aware some of the above dates may change, as they are dependent on falling infection rates and other Government criteria being satisfied, but at least it gives us a structure to work around.

Remember when you return to the Club our popular Takeaway service is open everyday from 0930 to 1600.

Finally, the last 12 months have been a really difficult time for the Club. The pandemic has made it difficult to plan with any degree of certainty and we have all had to adjust to our “new normal” ways of working. However the stewardship of the Club during this time has meant that we are now in a strong position to move forward together. Much of our success has been down to the support and loyalty shown by our dedicated members, like yourself.

To reward the loyalty shown by our members, the Club’s General Committee has made the following decisions:

  1. The subscription and Dinghy Park Fees from April 2021 to March 2022 will remain at their 2020 levels
  2. For members paying a subscription fee, once the Clubhouse fully reopens, members can request one month’s subscription fee to be added to your membership card.

I hope this shows our appreciation for your continued support and loyalty you have given to Chichester Yacht Club.

We still have some interesting months ahead. The Staff are working hard behind the scenes preparing the Club to welcome you back again. Until that time please stay safe and healthy and I look forward to seeing you at the Club again soon.

Tony Mobbs
Chichester Yacht Club

Wednesday 23rd December 2020

Dear Member

From myself and all the staff at Chichester Yacht Club may I wish you and your family all the best for the holiday season and I hope the recent Government announcements have not caused you too much personal disruption.

This is the time of year for both reflection and looking forward.

I think we can all agree that 2020 has been a rather testing time for us all. But during this time of uncertainty and disruption, the Club really came into its own. Through the creativity and innovation of our members and staff alike we were able to keep the Club operating in one form or another throughout the year. We all discovered “Zooming” as a way of keeping connected and engaged with each other, as we moved all our meetings online. Some of us started on-line racing and once we were allowed to sail again we introduced new “Blue Flag” events and a buddy system so we could sail our dinghies safely near the Club. We discovered new parts of the harbour with our new local Harbour Cruises. We introduced a new Takeaway service whilst the Clubhouse was closed to serve both members and the locals alike and it now looks like we will be continuing that service into the future.

We have all had to adapt and change this year. Our priority has always been to provide a safe and Covid secure environment at the Club to protect both our members and staff alike. We have had to socially distance the tables in the Clubhouse and to ensure good ventilation at all times. We have introduced a new table service within the Clubhouse, which has actually been very well received by members. We have introduced A La Carte dining evenings which have proved very popular with our members.

A special thanks are due to Manu Jenkin and her team, who had to operate under very difficult circumstances and ever changing Government restrictions to keep the Club operating. We have certainly learnt the meaning of the words adaptability and flexibility this year.

Looking forward to 2021, we have just posted all our planned events onto the Club’s Website for next year. We have a full programme of dinghy racing, motor and yacht cruises planned and our Club’s training programme is the biggest we have ever had. So you can start planning your year now. We are also looking to introduce rowing at the Club for all members next year as well, look out for further news updates next year.

There will undoubtedly be some more bumps in the road coming up, but at least we can now start to see an end to this disruption next year.  With your continued support we will get through this together.

Finally I must mention and show my sincerest appreciation to the Club’s Major Incident Committee(MIC). This small Committee was formed at the end of March and is composed of Club Officers and key members of staff alike working in close collaboration. This committee has worked tirelessly throughout the year, ensuring that we are operated safely and ensuring we maintain our compliance to the latest Government Covid guideline, to ensure we can offer a broad range of services at the Club for you.

I hope 2021 will bring a better year for you and be assured that we will continue to do all we can to ensure the Club remains a special place for you and your family to enjoy.

Please stay safe and healthy and I look forward to seeing you at the Club again soon.

Tony Mobbs

Friday 27th November 2020


Dear Member,

It is said that good news comes in threes.

Firstly, I am pleased to announce, following the Prime Minister’s announcement yesterday,  the current lockdown period is coming to an end and we will be opening the Clubhouse with all its facilities on Wednesday, 2nd December.  Being a Wednesday, it is one of our “Dine Out On Us” days,  so all main courses will be 50% off non-member prices. Please remember to book in advance.

As you will have heard, the Government has placed Chichester, like most of the country, in Tier 2. These restrictions mean that for the next few weeks, you can only sit with members of your household, or your support bubble within the main Clubhouse.  Groups of up to 6 can still meet up outside, so we are looking at options for the garden and also the Wheelhouse.  Also we can now only serve alcohol with a “substantial” meal.  I would like to think all our meals we serve at the Club are substantial.

The Club team are now working hard preparing for the opening and to ensure that the Club remains a safe and secure Covid environment for both members and staff alike. Also we will have the Christmas decorations up, so you should feel festive when you arrive.

Secondly, as you may recall, at the AGM members agreed that, after many years of discussion,  the Club should move its financial and subscription year to run from April to March. At the last General Committee meeting, I am pleased to tell you  the Committee agreed that Subscription and Dinghy Park fees should remain at their current level from January to March 2021.

Finally, the excellent news that a number of Coronavirus vaccines will become available early next year.  This means that at last we can now start to see some end coming to this awful situation. But in the meantime, there are some major challenges we have to face as a Club. But I know with your continued loyal support to the Club, we will come through this together and once more become the familiar Club we know and love.

Meanwhile, please stay safe and healthy

Tony Mobbs
Chichester Yacht Club

Wednesday 4th November 2020

Dear Member

I am writing to let you know that from 10pm tonight, Wednesday 4th November, the Clubhouse will be closed to support the Government’s latest lockdown intervention to control the Coronavirus.

I know this will be a disappointment to all of us, as the Club was beginning to return to some degree of normality again. But the health and safety of our Staff and Members are paramount. We have a marvellous team here at CYC who have worked tirelessly over the last few days to prepare the Club.

However the Club will not be closed altogether. We will be continuing our popular takeaway service from Thursday to Sunday, opening 0930 to 1500. There will be a selection of our popular dishes to eat immediately or frozen dishes to take home to eat later. Also there will be Andy’s famous Sunday Roast for collection on Saturday or Sunday.

In addition, Manu and Lucy will be in the Club’s office from Monday to Friday to take your calls and answer any questions. We will also be calling some of our more vulnerable members to ensure everything is fine.

At the present time, having spoken with the Harbour Conservancy and the RYA, there is no information regarding any specific restrictions on sailing in the harbour. Once this situation becomes clearer we will publish an update via the Club or Section newsletters. If you have your boat in one of our local marinas, there will be separate communications going out from your marina manager as to what additional restrictions they may be implementing.

Fortunately this time it appears the lockdown will only be for a few weeks and it will not be long before we can welcome you back into the Clubhouse in early December, by which time I am hoping we will have the Club decorated for Christmas.

In the meantime, please stay safe and healthy and I look forward to seeing you at the Club again soon.

Tony Mobbs
Chichester Yacht Club

Tuesday 29th September 2020

Dear Member

Important News

Firstly, I would like to express my sincerest appreciation for the loyalty and support you have shown the Club since the start of the current Covid crisis six months ago.

Since we could re-open the Clubhouse in early July, we have been able to welcome many of you back to the Club. The numbers were better than we had expected, which was due in part to the unusually hot summer but also the highly successful Government’s Eat Out to Help Out scheme.

Today I am announcing a new Club initiative Dine Out On Us to reward your loyalty and support over the last six months. The initiative increases further the members’ discount on main course dishes to 50% discount off non-member prices. The scheme will run from October to December and will be available on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Further information on the initiative will be available later this week. Remember to let us know you are coming by booking in advance.

Finally, as we are about to enter our Winter Programme, I am keen that we maintain as much of our programme as we are allowed under the Covid restrictions. We have implemented all the Government’s guidelines for providing a Covid safe and secure environment at the Club. We have permission to continue our Quiz nights and Club rambles. Also, our section socials and winter lectures will continue, albeit some may be virtual. We are also currently planning how our dinghy winter open meetings can safely continue.

The next six months will be critical for the Club, but I am convinced that with your continued loyalty and support for our initiatives and winter activities by visiting the Club, we will continue to ensure a  successful future for the Club.

I hope to see you at the Club soon

Tony Mobbs
Chichester Yacht Club

Monday 29th June 2020

Dear Member

Clubhouse Re-opening 4th July

I am pleased to announce that following the General Committee’s approval on Friday of the Major Incident Committee’s recommendation, the Clubhouse will once more open its doors to members on Saturday 4th July.

The staff have worked incredibly hard over the last weeks to ensure the Clubhouse remains a welcoming, friendly, and safe environment. We have had the Clubhouse deep-cleaned and we have brought in additional hand sanitisers and new signage. The health and safety of our members and staff remains paramount, so you will notice a few changes inside the Clubhouse, as we all adjust to our “New Normal”:

  • We have introduced a one-way system to remove any pinch points
  • We have arranged the tables to be as close to 2m apart
  • We have introduced a mandatory table service for drinks and food
  • We have opened the Club’s toilets, but the changing rooms and showers remain closed
  • Face covering are now mandatory for everyone visiting the Club

On arrival at the Club, you will be taken to a numbered table where a member of staff will take your drinks and food orders. It is a Government requirement that we have to collect your contact details, together with everyone else in your party. If you have any questions, a member of staff will be on hand to answer them.

We are fortunate that we have a spacious clubhouse and, even with 2m table spacing, we can accommodate over 200 members at a time, even more on sunny days when we can use the garden. But we are advising that to avoid disappointment and minimise waiting time, you book a table in advance by calling the Club on 01243 512 918.

The opening of the Clubhouse represents a major milestone on our Pathway Plan to returning the Club to our pre-Covid service. For more details, please visit our Covid-19 page on the Club’s website

I look forward to seeing at the Club soon.

Please remember:

  • do not visit the Club if you, or any member of your family, are exhibiting any of the symptoms of Covid-19
  • do not visit the Club if you are self-isolating, or living with someone self-isolating
  • when you are at the Club, stay alert and maintain your social distance.

Tony Mobbs
Chichester Yacht Club

Sunday 31st May 2020

Dear Members

Since early May when the Prime Minister announced the Government’s approach to easing their Covid-19 restrictions, the Club has developed its  Pathway Plan to re-opening the Club. From May 13, members were once again allowed access to the marinas, the Dinghy Park and the Club’s garden and foreshore and, more importantly, allowed back onto the water again. Currently, we have a number of teams working on how we can safely start additional organised member activities, such as Dinghy Racing and Club Cruising. We are also looking at when we can re-start our RYA training courses.

Today, I am pleased to announce the next significant step in our Pathway Plan to opening the Club. From Saturday 6th June, the Club will be offering a takeaway meals service. Initially we will be providing all day breakfast rolls, fish and chips, burgers, daily salad, cakes and snacks, ice cream, hot and cold drinks and some chilled “specials” for reheating at home. We will be expanding quickly to a full “Phone and Collect” meal service, including breakfasts from Friday to Sunday and the CYC Sunday roast. The full range of our takeaway offerings will be available on the Club’s website and will also be published later in our On-Board newsletter, as well as guidance on how the collection service will safely operate. This significant milestone was reached by an incredible amount of hard work by Manu and Tom, supported by the Club’s Major Incident Committee.

We have taken additional staff out of furlough, so you will see some familiar faces at the Club once again.

So if you are passing the Club, visiting your boat or going on the water for the day, then please avail yourselves of this service. Your support will be key to the success of this venture, as it will help us speed into the next phase of opening the Clubhouse once more to members.

Please remember:

  • do not visit the Club is you are exhibiting any of the symptoms of Covid-19
  • do not visit the Club if you are self-isolating, or living with someone self-isolating
  • when you are at the Club, stay alert and maintain your social distance

It is, and will be, the policy of the Club to follow the Government guidelines; therefore the Clubhouse will remain closed to members for the time being, until the restrictions are lifted further. However the current advice looks encouraging, suggesting that we may be able to reopen the Club in July. Keep up to date with the latest Club’s Covid-19 news by visiting the Club’s Covid-19 webpage.

In the meantime, please keep safe and healthy

Tony Mobbs
Chichester Yacht Club

Tuesday 12 May 2020

Dear Member,

Following the announcement at the weekend from the Prime Minister that from Wednesday 13th May some travel restrictions are being lifted and more time can be spent exercising, I am pleased to announce that both Birdham Pool and Premier Marinas are now open to berth holders. I must, however, stress that overnight stays on your boat are not permitted, unless it is your usual residence.

With the access road to the Club now open, I am pleased to announce that the Club has now opened the Dinghy Park to our members. We are still awaiting final clarification from the Harbour Conservancy as to the Government’s guidance on recreational boating in the Harbour, and we will communicate it as soon it is available, later this week.

Covid19 still represents a significant risk; therefore many of the previous lockdown restrictions remain in place, in particular maintaining social distancing in the Dinghy Park. The health and security of our members is paramount and I will be publishing guidelines for members using the Dinghy Park to minimise risks of cross infection through the Dinghy Section’s Flag it Up newsletter.

At present, the Clubhouse will remain closed, but we have produced a phased plan to re-open the Club to all members.

It is, and has been, the policy of the Club to follow the Government guidelines; its current advice looks encouraging, suggesting that we may be able to reopen the Club in July. At least now we can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

In the meantime, please keep safe and healthy

Tony Mobbs

Chichester Yacht Club

9 April 2020

Dear Member,

As we enter our third week since the Government asked us to temporarily suspend our activities at the Club. I thought I would give you an update as to what has been happening.

Firstly, I have been greatly impressed by the ingenuity and creativity of both our staff and our members during this difficult time. The Club has now transformed itself into a virtual club. The Dinghy Section is continuing with its Club sailing programme, albeit now through a series of on-line eRaces. The Motor Section held its normal monthly First Friday with a video drinks gathering and I know the Yacht Section has some other activities planned. In addition, a new Book Club and Quiz Club have sprung up, as well as training tips and general help chats. Keep a lookout for more news via On Board, or check out this month’s Club Magazine.

Chichester Yacht Club has always been a members club for members and run by members and I am pleased to see this continuing. But we are a small club, we are not part of a commercial chain of gymnasiums or tennis clubs, and, like all small businesses, cash and cash flow are two key factors we have to manage very carefully. The Club is currently in a reasonable financial position. Manu has done an outstanding job in reducing our on-going monthly financial commitments to a minimum. We have placed the majority of our staff in furlough, but we have kept a small team in place to ensure the Club will be in a good position when the restrictions are lifted.

Supporting Manu are Tom, who is still looking after our external clients (as well as cutting the grass), Liz who is ensuring the staff and our suppliers are still being paid and the Club annual Audit is being carried out and Lucy who is running our virtual office and ensuring we are kept informed via our regular communications. Of course, all four are now working from home. In addition, the team are working with our members in ensuring our more vulnerable members are contacted to see if their needs are being met and to have a little catch up chat.

In addition, the Club has also applied to the Council for Business Rates Holiday grant and we have started discussions with our bank concerning taking out a Business interruption Loan.

The one big issue we are facing is the uncertainty in the duration of the current government restrictions, but I am confident that with the actions we are taking to ensure the financial resilience of the Club, together with your loyal support, we will ensure that Chichester Yacht Club will survive and thrive once more. We are in this together and together we will get through it.

Please keep safe and well.

Tony Mobbs

Chichester Yacht Club

Wednesday 25 March 1300

Dear Members,

Following the Prime Minister’s announcement on Monday evening restricting personal movements, we have now taken the decision to close Chichester Yacht Club for the foreseeable future. This clearly was a difficult decision to take, but the health and safety of our staff was paramount. I must pay tribute to our incredible team at CYC; over the last week, they have been outstanding and generating creative ideas as to how we can continue to support both our members and the local community.

We will be keeping on a small skeleton team working, mostly from home, as there are still some key activities we must continue to do, such as the Club accounts, some routine maintenance tasks and, of course, ensuring the staff still get paid. I am pleased to report that all our staff are currently safe and healthy and Keith has finally arrived back in the UK.

But Chichester Yacht Club is more than a physical building, we are a strong community of loyal, supporting members. I have been deeply touched over the last week by the kind offers coming in from our members offering their support to help us during this difficult and uncertain time. We will of course be reaching out to our more vulnerable members by telephone from time to time to check if everything is OK and whether they require help with anything.

Chichester Yacht Club has now become a virtual sailing club and we are planning a number of on-line activities to keep us entertained during our period of self-isolation. I am amazed by the list of ideas people are putting forward. So keep a look out for future communications and please join in.

We now live in uncertain and uncharted times, but it will soon pass, and together with your support Chichester Yacht Club will become the club we all know and love once again.

Please keep safe and healthy

Tony Mobbs

Chichester Yacht Club

20 March 2020 1810

Dear Member,

As you are aware we are following Govt guidelines in addressing the current Coronavirus – COVID19 outbreak.

The Government has announced this afternoon, that with immediate effect all pubs, restaurants and clubs will close tonight. So from 2000 this evening the Restaurant will close and at 2100 the Bar and changing rooms will close until further notice.

To support our members during this difficult time we are pleased to be able to offer a limited takeaway menu tomorrow (Saturday) and on Sunday a Mother’s Day Roast Lamb to takeaway also. More details on this to follow tomorrow morning.

From Monday, as announced earlier we will launch our full Takeaway Menu offering takeaway food and drink.

We really appreciate all of your support and kind messages. We have a great group of members and we hope that this situation is resolved as speedily as possible, so this fabulous Club can get back to normal.

With very best wishes,

Tony Mobbs

Chichester Yacht Club

18 March 2020

Dear Member

Following the Government’s recent update to its guidance on the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, I am writing to let you know what initiatives we are taking at the Club.

On Monday, I initiated the Club Major Incident Protocol which enabled the General Committee to set up the Club’s Major Incident Committee which consists of members of the General Committee and key Club Staff.

The first decision was to ensure the Club remains fully open for business to our members and staffed appropriately. However all Club social gatherings will be suspended for the foreseeable future.
I believe that our two foremost responsibilities as a business is to you, our Members, and our duty of care to our staff.
In my last correspondence, I outlined some remedial actions the Club Manager has introduced to maintain the very highest standards of hygiene in the Clubhouse at all times to ensure your well-being. Now we have introduced additional measures.

Firstly, we have increased the “social distance” between our tables by removing several tables from the Bar, Restaurant and other Club rooms. We recognise that whilst it isn’t recommended, there will be occasions where Members have a requirement to socialise with other people, and we wish to provide as safe an environment as possible to allow you to do so.

Secondly, we have introduced an hourly cleaning regime of surfaces, as well as a full clean every time a seat or table is vacated. In addition, door handles and toilet areas are being cleaned regularly.

I would continue to encourage all Members to make use of the hand sanitisers located around the Club, to wash your hands regularly and to now carry out your own social distancing measures as you see fit.

In line with UK government advice, any Member showing symptoms of Covid-19, should self-isolate, together with family members, for fourteen days and stay away from the Clubhouse until they are clear of the disease. Please be aware that you may be asked to leave our building, if we believe that you are displaying such symptoms.

We are also considering initiatives where we can support our most vulnerable members, especially those who are currently self-isolating. I will talk more about this in a future communication.

The Major Incident Committee has already introduced some immediate cost saving measures to address some of the perceived financial and operational risks arising from the disease.
Our priority at this time is to ensure that the Club remains open, operational and keeping our key staff employed, I am sure with your continued support and loyalty to the Club, we will be able to achieve this objective.

Please keep yourself safe and I hope to see you at the Club (from a safe distance) soon…

Tony Mobbs

Chichester Yacht Club

5 March 2020

In response to the recent spread of Coronavirus into the UK, the Club has produced a new Infectious Disease Policy for Staff, Contractors, Members and Visitors.

At CYC, we take your well-being very seriously, and although the risk to our members and staff is low, we recognise the ongoing Coronavirus situation is potentially unsettling. So as a result of the new policy, we have implemented a number of extra initiatives to minimise risk, for your protection and well-being:

1) all Staff are taking extra hygiene precautions
2) new hand sanitisers have been installed around the Club for your use
3) hand washing instructions have been put in all toilet facilities (remember to sing “Happy Birthday” twice)
4) tables and other flat surfaces are being cleared, cleaned and sanitised regularly
5) cutlery will now be wrapped in a napkin and handed to you
6) salt, pepper and bottled condiments have been replaced by individual servings

The Club requests that Members who have recently returned from any of the high-risk areas listed, follow UK government advice and that if they are in any doubt, they do not visit the Club for at least 14 days after their return to UK.

Members are also asked to advise the Club if they are diagnosed as having contracted Coronavirus or have been in close proximity to someone who has been diagnosed with Coronavirus and have recently visited the Club.

Furthermore, if you develop symptoms, such as a cough, difficulty in breathing or a fever, even if mild, we would politely ask that you do not to come to the Club until your symptoms have cleared, out of respect for your fellow members and staff.

The Club is now monitoring the travel arrangements of all staff and we will ensure that appropriate precautions are taken, in order to attempt to limit the spread of Coronavirus.  All staff have been briefed on how best to prevent the virus from spreading,  information about which can be found at:

We would ask that the Membership also practice safe hygiene measures when visiting the Clubhouse, by washing their hands regularly, using the Club’s hand sanitisers, coughing and sneezing into tissues and immediately discarding them in the bins provided.

We are monitoring the situation closely and we will keep you updated if and when the Government advice changes.

If you have any questions, please call the Club on 01243 512918

Tony Mobbs,


Chichester Yacht Club