For the foreseeable future, Chichester Yacht Club will be offering a Takeaway Service. Available to members and our wider local community. Please do pass this on to your friends and family.

All our freshly made meals are cooked by our chefs and available for collection from the Club via the side door on the canal side. Payment is taken over the phone at the time of ordering and can be frozen for convenience, thus saving you unnecessary trips.

When you are approaching the Club, give us a call and we will place your food on a table outside, ready for you to collect.

Please bring your own carrier bag if you can as we are running low and wait until we have gone back into the Club  before collecting your takeaway to prevent close contact.

We can also offer Draught Beer, Lager, Cider and bottles of Wine to enjoy with your meal.

Call 01243 512 918 to place your order

We will be answering the phone daily from 10am to 3pm . Or you can leave your order on the answerphone.

We anticipate the meals will be ready for collection from 11am until 2.30pm but please call us and we will do whatever we can to accommodate you.


Monday 23 march to Sunday 29 march

Home Made Slow Braised Beef Bourguignon £5.00 (members) £6.25 (non members)

Slow cooked tender pieces of diced beef, mushrooms, onions and bacon braised in a rich red wine sauce.  Served with creamy mashed potatoes, fine green beans & baton carrots.


Creamy Chicken Korma Curry

£4.00 (members) £5.00 (non members)

Tender pieces of chicken breast in a creamy coconut curry sauce.  Served with fluffy rice, condiments & a naan bread


Home Made Shepherd’s Pie

£4.00 (members) £5.00 (non members)

Minced lamb, onions & carrots bound in a rich gravy topped with a creamy mashed potato.  Served with fine green beans & baton carrots.


Traditional Beef Lasagne

£4.00 (members) £5.00 (non members)

Minced beef, onions, tomatoes & garlic bound in a tomato sauce, layered with pasta sheets & topped with a cheesy white sauce.  Served with a mixed salad.


Sweets £2.50/£3.15

Bramley Apple Pie

Spotted Dick Pudding

Treacle Sponge Pudding

All sweets served with a pot of creamy custard