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Update @0811 Thursday 6th August. Changes to SIs.

1. There are changes to the SI regarding the start line and Novice racing.
• Start lines will have an inner distance mark on either side of Cyclone. You must not pass between the IDM and Cyclone any time after your preparatory signal.
• There will be a second start line for the Novice fleet only on the starboard side of Cyclone
• Keep away from the starting area until your warning signal (fleet flag) is raised

• The windward mark for the Fast and Medium fleets will be CYC1 and a yellow spherical for the Slow and Novice fleets
• The other marks will be the fixed race marks or spherical marks
• The course will be displayed on a white board outside the sloop, on the back of Cyclone, on the CYC racers and Dinghy Week Whats Ap sites.

3. Finishing
• Because we are short handed on Cyclone please make a note of the boats finishing in front and behind you and take a time if possible

4. Launching
In order to reduce congestion on the beaches we intend to arrange launching in fleets.
• Your fleet flags will be flying from the signal flag pole in the dinghy park
• Get your boat ready with sails up if possible and take to the beach to launch when your fleet flag is lowered.
• Launch as quickly as possible.
• Fast Fleet aim to launch at 12.40
• Medium at 12.50
• Slow/novice at 1300
5. Remember the usual requirement to keep clear of Marina traffic


Update @2350 Wednesday 5th August. Some reminders and advice from RC Dinghies:

Entry numbers for the Club Racing phase of Dinghy Week 2020 are looking extremely healthy. However, that does impose on all participants the personal and social responsibilities to remain conscious of the Covid Social Distancing restrictions. Please can all participants read and act on the following:

  • Remind yourself of all the Dinghy Park and water use guidance on the Club’s Covid pages.
  • Keep abreast developments via WhatsApp and this page, and look out for notices.
  • Arrive earlier than usual to ensure that people are not all preparing boats and launches at the same time.
  • Don’t socially distance your vehicles excessively; demand for space is likely to be high and 2m between cars is unnecessary.
  • Be conservative and considerate, in your socially distancing and hygiene behavior ashore, your decision to go afloat, and conduct during racing.
  • Be aware of the novice sailors – we were all one once – and encourage rather than yell at them if you come across them. And that includes some adults taking part in the club racing for the first time who may not be flying pennants.
  • The Race Officer and team have pulled out all the stops to allow racing to happen to as high a standard as possible. However, be aware that the committee boat is made up of a combined couple of household bubbles and, whilst they will do everything they can to control and record proceedings, some patience and tolerance is expected, in the interests of people, first and foremost, having fun on the water. IE, don’t give them a hard time please.
  • The RO intends to supplement the digital and notice board comms with a set of staggered fleet verbal briefs, limited to 1 person per boat, each day. Details of time and place will be posted here.
  • Do avail yourselves of the Club’s restaurant offers, both takeaways and table menu, booking for the latter and phoning through for the former.
  • Have an enjoyable time.

Racing Info

Race Start times

HW/Ht Races Scheduled First Signal
Thurs 6th  August 2020 1414/4.7 1,2 1315
Fri 7th August 2020 1449/4.6 3,4 1400
Sat 8th  August 2020 1545/4.5 5,6 1430
Sun 9th  August 2020 1602/4.4 7,8 1500



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