Wildlife Awareness Week 7-13th June



Wildlife Awareness Week 7- 13th June


Wildlife and their habitats in and around Chichester Harbour are under constant pressure from factors such as climate change, development and disturbance from human activity.  As sailors, paddle enthusiasts and those working in marine industries, we have a duty to protect wildlife and enhance the environment.  We share the waters we use for our recreation with an amazing array of wildlife, and the presence of boats should not necessarily have to mean disturbance to them.


Chichester Harbour Conservancy have produced 2 awareness leaflets – please take time to read them and help protect the wildlife and biodiversity especially at this time of year when there are breeding birds and later in the summer – seal pups.







The Green Blue Campaign of the RYA and British Marine have a variety of leaflets and banners for emails to use. Please help spread awareness by using one of these on your emails during Wildlife Awareness Week.