Dinghy 2020 prizegiving!

RC Karen Cheeseman and Sailing Sec Biddy Colbourne hosted the delayed dinghy section prizegiving on a sunny june evening. Normally the prizegiving is held in November, but for obvious reasons it had to be deferred. Hats off to Karen who was determined to not forget the 2020 prizegiving, she had joked back in the winter that we would have a 2020 prizegiving even if it was a year late.

The sailors spread themselves around the upper deck in small groups and rather than have people milling around, the prizes were delivered to the winners.

The 2020 season was a short one, so the number of prizes was fewer than in previous years, so the ceremony was over in 30 minutes allowing people to return to the garden or the restaurant for the Indian Curry Evening. Although everyone was wearing masks as they moved around the club, it at least felt like the club was returning to normal, with some carefully organised social events.



Winner Position/ Series Trophy
Charlie Porter Classic 1st June/  July Series, 2nd August series Harper Laser Trophy
Nick and Roger Elliman 1st June/July Series,3rd August series Albacore Open Trophy Osborme Crew Trophy
Pete Harrison Slow 1st July Series,1st August series, 2nd Autumn series Solus Trophy
Lucy Boreham classic 1st Mid week series, 2nd Autumn series Evening Tankard
Alastair and Manu Jenkins 1st August series Clancy Cup
Derek Jackman Classic 1st August series, Holt Trophy
Tim Spencer Fast 1st Autumn series Albacore Autumn Trophy
Ian Barnett Classic 1st Autumn series Solo Autumn Trophy
Seth Swain slow 1st Autumn series Mirror Open Trophy
Mark Green fast 3rd June/July Series
Roger Millett classic 2nd June/July  Series, 3rd Autumn series
Ian Lissamore classic 3rd June/July series,3rd Mid week series,3rd August series
Lottie Cheeseman Slow 3rd August Series
Phil Allen fast 2nd July series
Paul and Isabella Mapstone 2nd Autumn series last Gasp Trophy
Ian Payne classic 3rd June series
Helen and Stephen Green 3rd July series, 3rd Autumn series
Bill Grose and Sally Cantello 2nd August Series Yeoman trophy
Linda Barnett slow 3rd Midweek series
Hazel Swain Eric Bransby Williams Trophy
Thomas Knght Optimist Plaque
Nichols Anderson Optimist Model
Mark Winstone Malcolm and Sylvia Pye Trophy
Chris Hodge Abate Trophy