First of the Winter Lectures

The morning of Sunday 10th October saw the start of the Winter Lecture series which is organised by the Yacht Section but open to all club members. We welcomed back Jeremy Batch who has entertained us on three previous occasions.

His talk this time was titled ‘Waves Wheels and Spars – sailing into the electrical age’. This gave him great scope to tell of the beginnings of electronic detection and navigation systems. He began with a WW11 raid to capture German vestigial ‘radar’ equipment to help develop our own version of direction and positioning systems. He explained the Decca system, how to land your spacecraft on exactly the right spot on the moon and finally came back to explaining Radar and GPS systems.

This was all done with amusing anecdotes, original pictures and a lot of humour. The disappointingly small audience was spellbound! Those of you who did not manage to make it to this talk missed an absolute treat.

Graeme Jupp