CYC Race Officer Training

CYC Club Members are invited to join Race officer training sessions in Feb and March. Register by visiting one of the links below.


Session 1 Online Video Link 22nd February  7:30pm to 9:00pm
Session 2 At CYC 12th March 10:30am to 12:00pm
Session 3 At CYC 12th March 1:00PM to 3:30pm





Race Officer Training at CYC

The RO training will be delivered over 3 sessions, the first two will appeal most to anyone who wants to do RO or ARO for the first time or has been ARO and wants to step up – the third session should have more general appeal for those that want need a refresher or a confidence boost.

Session 1 will be online with sessions 2 &3 at the club.

Each session 2 / 2.5 hours (?)

Session 1 (Online Video Link – joining details will be shared close to the date)

This is an introduction to how to be a RO and deals with the fundamentals:

The Basics

  • Intro to club racing
  • Race management activities

Course Setting

  • An introduction on how to set a course
  • Wind & tide
  • What makes a good course?
  • The start line

Managing the Race

  • Flags to use
  • Results sheets
  • When to shorten a course

Race Day

  • Before the race what are you responsible for, any preparations to make
  • Starting the race, number of fleets
  • Finishing the race
  • Results sheets, what to do with them


Session 2  (At CYC)

The second would be a hands-on session.

  • Tour of the officer’s hut and race cupboard.
  • Hooter, Flags used & Risk assessment Forms
  • Where the flags are, risk assessment forms are kept
  • Race results, tips to fill them in and manage the race successfully, show where to put them afterwards / who to send them to.
  • When to cancel a race
  • Where are keys kept – who to ask
  • Any questions from session 1

Session 3 (At CYC)

Setting the course – activity session.

Working in small groups with maps of the Lake, you will be given examples of wind direction and speed, you will be plotting a course for a fast medium and slow fleet.

Each group will then present their courses and we can have a discussion about the pros and cons.

This session will also cover setting sensible lap size for the expected wind and how suitable a course would be for shortening.

General questions.