Stoke Clump Ramble 26th February

24 ramblers – 5 miles

Waking up to a glorious sunny day, we knew we were in for a lovely ramble.

Having met in the car park of the Horse and Groom in East Ashling, we all placed our orders for lunch, which was expertly managed by the staff, and then set off.

The early part of the ramble was across a number of fields, we climbed over some rickety stiles and then navigated a deep, muddy puddle in the middle of the footpath before arriving to the east of West Stoke.

A welcome snack break

Once we had all regrouped, we started the steady climb to Stoke Clump for our “snack” stop, taking in the glorious views stretching from Portsmouth across to Worthing.

Far reaching views from Stoke Clump

Following the break we started our descent to the base of Kingley Vale, through Woodend where the bluebells are starting to come through, and then back to the pub.

An excellent lunch was served in a small, heated marquee to round off a successful occasion.


Anne and Nick Cole