Sunshine Tours to The Hamble, 12th-14th July

At last, Sunshine Tours lived up to its name, and 13 boats experienced Mediterranean conditions as they sailed to Port Hamble. The rally commenced with a relaxed on-shore pontoon party with everyone enjoying the temperate evening (not a coat or waterproof in sight). We could have been on the Costa Brava!

Perfect day for a walk by the sea

The next day boat crews chose a variety of activities with some using their dinghies to go up river and investigate the scenery and local inns. Most, however, experienced a very different type of day and walked to the Queen Victoria Country Park, where they picnicked, played various ball games, (with a diverse range of abilities, it must be said), consumed much ice cream, took juggling lessons, or explored the chapel and the tranquility of the military cemetery. (Check out the Yogile site for more photos.)


Learning to juggle

The day finished with a delicious meal in the thankfully superbly air conditioned La Dolce Vita, located in the centre of the village. The famous Chichester twitch revealed itself here, not on the marina departure time but on arrival time at the restaurant, all crews arriving up to 30 minutes early. Must have been for the beer.

Dinner at La Dolce Vita

The sail back to Chichester was fantastic, with northerly winds, blue skies and the tide pushing us along at a great pace.

Sunio, Hermit 2, Pim, Windreaver, Serendipite, Star Dancer, Motor yacht Sea Bird, Ruby, Arcadia, About Time, Fire Dragon, and Coco thank you for joining in on the spectacularly sunny, Sunshine Tours rally.


Sue Brown