Dinghies: Dinghy Week

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High Tide High Water
14:46 4.59


Dinghy Week NoR & SI CYC 2022 V1


Follow this link to join the Dinghy Week WhatsApp group and recieve updates from the Organisers.



Sign up to do a Dinghy Week Duty

Please visit Dutyman and volunteer to do a duty during Dinghy Week, the race series relies on your support.



  1. Series Entry entitles you to race in all dinghy week race series including the pursuit race.
  2. One day entry is available on Tuesday-Friday by visiting their specific event pages.
  3. Only book one ticket per booking, booking more than one may result in your being charged extra without your registration counting.
  4. Competitors MUST Sign On & Sign Off each day Competitors not signing on or off will be scored DNC (see SIs for full information)
Event Sold Out.

Already booked on this open event
# Helm Age Crew Club Class of Boat Fleet Sail No
1Mark GreenCYCRS VareoFast372
2Piers Vowles43Tobias VowlesCYCMerlin RocketFastTBC
3Nigel CowanChichester YCH2FAST144
4Thomas Knight12Sophie CathCYCFevaSlow375
5Roger MillettCYCHadron H2131
6Helen GreenCyc2000Fast22542
7Hilary SparkesCYC Aero 7 Medium 2883
8Margaret HolderMargaretholder@yahoo.co.uk Comet mino slow 480
9Paul TrevanFrensham Pond Sailing ClubSoloClassic Medium5575
10Fletcher Budd10Chichester Yacht Club OppiSlowNo sail number
11Mark GardnerCYCLaser Full Rig 186259
12Nick Elliman44Roger EllimanCYCRS400Fast1386
13Seth Swain17CYCTopperSlow20289
14Hazel Swain16CYCTopperSlowNo number
15Flynn Grant9CYCOptimistSlow378
16Sarah Grant HarrisShhCYCMirrorSlow70268
17Tim SpencerCYCStreakerMedium1708
18Tim BlackmoreCYCRS AERO 7MEDIUM2811
19Bill GroseSally CantelloCYCScorpionFast2033
20Meryl DeaneCYCStreaker - rig tbdMedium1677
21Lottie Sparkes13Will Sharp CycFevaSlow TBC
22Ethan Sparkes15ChesterCyc420Medium 55102
23Chris HodgeLouise Varley CYC 2000 Fast 21676
24Ben Wragg15CYCLaser 4.7 RigSLOW218258
25Chris Merryfield-DayN/ACYC Laser standard159429
26Geoff NewmanCYCEurope 393
27Nicholas Anderson13naCYCTopperSlow / Junior32292
28Pete HarrisonMasterCYC StreakerMedium1443
29Mark PerrowCYCSolo Medium ( Duty Monday)4603
30Paul MapstoneIsabella MapstoneCycRS 200Fast1497
31Sophie Kirk22-CYCLaser Medium 210218
32Roger ClareCYCRS VareoFast404
33Jonathan Davies10Emilia DaviesCYCTopper 4.2Slow/junior23898
34Jonathan Davies17James DaviesCYCLaser radialMediumCYC club laser
35Eva Deal15CycYouth (Pico)Youth/slowNao4
36Harriet Kirk19CYCTopperSlow336
37James OppeNick OppeCYCRS400Fast1330
38Effie Grant15CycLaserSlow1234tbc
39Ian FarrCYCLaser187768
40Lucas Mclaughlin12CYCRS Tera3422
41Maxim McInnez14CycDingy48754
42Lottie Cheeseman18CYCLaser 4.7slow138274

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Bookings are no longer available for this event.