Dinghies: Dinghy Week Race Series

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High Tide High Water
15:02 4.83


Date HW On Water Activity St. Time
08-Aug 12.39 Start to Race Camp
RYA Learn to Sail
09-Aug 13.16 Start to Race Camp
RYA Learn to Sail
10-Aug 13.53 Start to Race Camp
RYA Learn to Sail
11-Aug 14.31 Start to Race Camp
RYA Learn to Sail
12-Aug 15.10 Race supp*
Race Week 1 & 2
13-Aug 15.53 Race supp*
Race Week 3 & 4
14-Aug 16.41 Race supp*
Race Week 5 & 6
15-Aug 17.36 Race supp*
Race Week 7 & 8


  • Sailing Instructions :  SI2021 – Dinghy Week
  • The Race series consists of 4 days, registration is for the whole series.
  • Please complete one registration per boat.
  • Prices are per boat (not per person).
  • To sail on Chichester harbour, you must have a valid harbour dues sticker. If you require one for dinghy week, select the ticket that includes harbour dues, we will provide the sticker on the first day.
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Already booked on this open event
# Helm Age Crew Club Class of Boat Fleet Sail No
1Mark GreenCYCRS VarioFast372
2Louise Knight11CYCOptimistYouth6298
3Rosie Morgan42Chichester Optimist ???
4James Davies16CYCTopperYouth22898
5Henry Davies14CYCTopperYouth15552
6Barnaby Davies13CYCTopperYouthClub topper
7Emilia-Rose Davies9CYCTopper 4.2YouthClub topper
8Paul Trevan75Frensham Pond Sailing ClubSoloMedium/Classic5575
9Roger ClareCYCRS VareoFast404
10Andy ClareRichard ClareCYCRS400Fast1217
11Ben Sharman14CYCTopperYouth24225
12Grace Sharman11CYCTopperYouth22601
13Bill GroseSally CantelloCYCScorpionFast2033
14Monty Wragg14CYCOptimistYouth4568
15Nick ColbourneBiddyCYCGp14Medium13323
16Jonathan WatkinsAnne WatkinsCYC2000Fast21755
17Jo DippleCYCLaser 4.7Slow 198911
18Noah Gupta-Wright15Hugo Gupta-WeightCYCLaser Pico3082
19Chris Grosscurth38Emma YorkCYCMerlin RocketFast3613
20Maximillian McInnes13CYCSlow48754
21Nicholas Anderson12n.a.CYCTopper 4.2Youth32292
22Paul ThorntonCycSoloMedium5223
23Seth Swain16CYCTopperSlow20289
24Hazel Swain15CYCTopperslowno number
25Nick EllimanRogerCYCRS400Fast1386
26Alan Bennett74Isabelle Fletcher Staunton Harold Sailing Club MirrorSlow Handicap 69929
27George Hodder10CYCByteXxxx
28Meryl DeaneCYCStreakerMedium1677
29Hilary SparkesCYC Aero 7Medium 2883
30Niamh Sparkes18Lottie CheesemanChichester RS 200 Medium 793
31Ethan Sparkes14CYC Laser 4.7Youth 212381
32Lottie Sparkes12CYC Topper 5.3 Youth48709
33Chris HodgeLouise VarleyCYC2000Fast21676
34Jake Collins14CycLaser 4.7Youth 204914
35Jenny Fletcher43Ellie FletcherCYCMirrorSlow8085
36Geoff NewmanCYCEurope Medium393
37Tim SpencerCYCRS VareoFast381
38Tom SharmanCYCLaser MediumCYC1
39Tobias Vowles11CycTopperSlow44975
40Martin OrtonCYCLaserMedium180666
41Nigel SkudderKeith HillsCYCHornetFast2160
42Eva Deal14CycYouthYouthNao4
43Nick Oppe30CYCLaser FastCYC1 ?
44Michael OlliffPaula Olliffcyc2000fast21731
45Philip RabyCYCRS Vareo335
46Mark PerrowCYCSoloMedium4603
47Mark WinstoneCYCSoloMedium 4473
48Chris DayChris Merryfield-DayCYC Laser Standard Medium159429
49Lucas Sproul16CYClasermedium138200
50Derek JackmanCYCSoloMedium5237
51Ian Lissamore75CYCSoloMedium 5400
52Sophie Kirk21N/AChichester yacht club Laser radial Medium 210218
53Tim ScottCycLaser RadialMedium137130
54Charles PorterCYCLaserMedium 181047
55Paul MapstoneIsabella MapstoneCycRS200Fast1497

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