Dinghies: Weekday Evening Series 3

Event Details

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High Tide High Water
18:35 4.03

Following taken from the Club Racing NOR&SI

Appendix B – Two Fleet Series
The Midweek and Weekend Evening Series will be sailed in two fleets:

Fast Handicap
Any class with a PY of 1199 or lower

Slow Handicap
Any class with a PY of 1200 or higher

The helmsman of RS Fevas, Bytes and Miracles may elect to sail with either the Fast or Slow Fleets). Once they nominate
a fleet (at first ‘sign on’ for a series) they then must sail in that fleet for the entire series.

Already booked on this Club event
# Helm Age Crew Class of Boat Fleet Sail No
1Karen CheesemanByteSlow3726
2Geoff NewmanEurope Fast 393
3James Davies16TopperSlow22898
4Henry Davies14TopperSlow15552
5Roger ClareTim SpencerRS400Fast1217
6Rachel CrebbinAdultHannah ThompsonFirefly1172 - fast I think3739
7Andy ClareRS VareoFast404
8Meryl DeaneStreakerFast1677
9Mark GreenRS VareoFast372
10Chris HodgeLouise Varley2000Fast21676
11Hilary SparkesRs areoMedium 2883
12Ethan Sparkes14Laser 4.7Slow 212381
13Seth Swain16Topperslow20289
14Hazel Swain15Topperslowno number
15Lottie Chreseman17Laser Slow138274
16Roger MillettHadron H2131

Club Race Event Booking

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