Dinghy eSailing : First Breath Series 1..6

Event Details

CYC’s eSailing series is hosted on Virtual Regatta Inshore


Full Details, chat and help available on CYC Discord


Standing Sailing Instructions for CYC VRI Regattas

1. All racing will be held in the Custom Race section of the Virtual Regatta Inshore application (PC or Mobile)

2. All racers must have a VRI account, which must also have been registered with SailRanks, which will be used for scoring (let one of the nominated Race Officers have your VRI pseudo and preferred sail number (>1000) to enable registration). This detail will be recorded in the registration channel for posterity.

3. Each regatta will be scheduled through the creation of a channel titled Regatta-xx-xx-xx-xxxx (day-month-year-starttime).

4. Each Regatta will comprise of 5 or 6 races, using one or a combination of classes, of up to 20 boats. Followed by a double scoring medal race for the top 10 boats.

5. Potential participants should express their intention to participate by messaging their ‘VRI Pseudo – sailno’ in the Regatta channel at least 3 hours before the designated start time, to allow all sailors to be added to the SailRanks regatta for scoring purposes, eg Jemcast – 265

6. The first 20 people to message Online 20 minutes before the published start time will be entered in the regatta. Sit there, with the message typed and an accurate timer and then hit enter. Earlier than 20 minutes will not count!

7. The regatta channel will have important live race details, and codes to enter each race (eg CYC1, CYC2, CYC3,). This channel should not be used for general chat during a regatta

8. If the Race Officers become very proficient, and interest per regatta exceeds 30 players, we will endeavour to operate with two fleets. Format will be Red and Green Fleets for 4 races, then gold and silver for 2 races, then medal for the top 10 of the Gold Fleet. (Makes me sweat just thinking about coordinating that!).

9. Whoever creates the race, also has the start button. If the race creator drops out the start button is passed to someone else, who should try and start at the nominated time. They will make every effort to allow people time to join a race, but the equivalent of equipment failure is simulated by connection security. Try and remain connected to the chat until the start sequence begins,in case there are late arrivals or a need to leave the race and start again. If you don’t make the start, or drop out during the race, you’ll earn DNS or DNF by default, no protest no redress.

10. Some of the Racing Rules’ implementations are a little strange. There is a fine line between exploiting the strangeness and on water consideration. There can be no redress, but persistant bad behaviour will be frowned upon and could lead to debarrment from future regattas.