Dinghy July Series 3 & 4

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You will find NOR / SI at the following link  club racing Covid NOR and SI

To make running the racing as seamless as possible whilst adhering to COVID 19 guidelines and social distancing we ask that you follow the below steps with regard to entry, competing and finishing.


1) We encourage competitors to enter online on the CYC website or by messaging your Name, Class, Fleet and Sail Number on the CYC Dinghy racers WhatsApp group. Please note there will be no sign on sheets available on the day

2) There will be an upper wind limit of 16 knots, this may, depending on the forecast, mean a decision is made on the day of racing. The RO’s intention is to abandon if necessary one hour before the first start time.

3) We remind you that there is limited safety cover so please only compete if you feel competent with the conditions on the day, please refresh your memories on the SI’s Risk Statement

4) The course will be published on the CYC Dinghy racers Whatsapp no later than 30 mins before the start. The RO will, if weather permits,try to also display this outside the Sloop but please do not rely on this method

5) Racing will be in the confines of the Chichester Lake and will be within Eyesight of the Race Box.

6) There will be no sign off sheets. If you need to declare after the race (RTD, DNS, DNF) please message the CYC Dinghy Racers Whatsapp group. Else finishers will be as recorded.

7) Results will be published in the normal way on the CYC website.


Already booked on this Club event
# Helm Age Crew Class of Boat Fleet Sail No
1Michael OlliffPaula Olliff2000Fast21731
2Lucy BorehamEurope Medium 355
3Paul ThorntonSoloMedium5223
4Mark GreenRS VareoFast372
5Nick Colbourne!BiddyGP14Medium13323
6Nick Elliman42RogerRS400Fast1386
7Tom DobbsAeroMedium1455
8phil Allenint canoefastgbr343
9Roger MillettHadron H2Classic/medium131
10Helen GreenStephen Green2000Fast22542
11Geoff NewmanEurope 393
12Meryl DeaneStreakerMedium1677
13Bill GroseSally CantelloScorpionMedium2033
14Karen CheesemanByteSlow242
15Derek Jackman73Solo Medium5237

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