Dinghy Race : Dinghy Week 1 & 2

Event Details

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High Tide High Water
11:42 4.7

Dinghy Week 2019 NoR & SI V1

The following Notes are taken from the NOR document.

3.6 Entry Fees

3.6.1 Entry fees Dinghy Week racing
  Adult helm Youth helm
  Visitor CYC Visitor CYC
Whole week – double handed £60 £30 £40 £25
Whole week – single handed £40 £20 £25 £15
Daily entry – double handed £15 £10 £12 £8
Daily entry – single handed £10 £7 £8 £5


3.6.3 Harbour dues: (if not already paid)

All boats must pay harbour dues. The cost of visitor harbour dues is £3.60 for the week or £2.00 for up to 2 days


Fleet Definitions:

Fast/Modern Fleet – Classes designed after 1990 typically, but not limited to, asymmetric boats with a PY of 1110 or less. In addition any class with a PY of 1045 or under.
Classic/Medium Fleet – Classes with a PY of 1046 to 1199 (see 10.4) and would typically include Comet (any type), Byte, Finn, GP14, Laser Full Rig & Radial, Miracle, National 12, OK, Solo, Streaker, Firefly, Wanderer.
Slow/Traditional Fleet – Classes with a PY 1200 or higher

Note :

The helmsman of RS Fevas, Bytes, Laser 4.7 and Miracles may elect to sail with either the Classic/Medium or Traditional Slow fleet. Once they nominate a fleet (at first ‘sign on’ for a series) they then must sail in that fleet for the entire series.

Fleet boundaries may be adjusted at Race Officers discretion before the briefing on Wednesday July 31st.

Already booked on this open event
Helm Age Crew Club Class of Boat Fleet Sail No
Mark GreenCYCRS VareoFast/Modern372
Graham CampbellJames Campbell/Toby HumphreyCYC2000Fast/Modern21796