Yachts : Castles and Candy – Littlehampton and the Arun – cancelled

Event Details

Briefing will be by e-mail to participants. Start either Monday 6th or Tuesday 7th, depending on draft across the bar. Those not wishing to cross the bar at anything other than optimum tidal conditions should book their preferred (ie free) marina for Gosport for the Monday evening. A quick one in the Castle. According to taste, then a Chinese or Indian. Gunwharf a possibility.

Tidal gate is high water Littlehampton 14:00 BST Tuesday. Arrival should be timed for HW-2 to HW+1, optimum HW -1.

Blockhouse to Littlehampton 26nm. Up to 15 boats, rafted. Fish & chips/candy floss readily available close to berth.

Wednesday dinghy cruise up the Arun starting about two hours before high water (12:30) and a stroll round Arundel while the tide turns, returning to Littlehampton for dinner in the Arun View.( Menu and prices comparable to the club.)

Return Thursday, with the option of taking a falling tide across the bar or going to Gosport for a return on Friday.

This is a members only cruise - login to reserve a place
This is a members only cruise - login to reserve a place

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Bookings are no longer available for this event.