Yachts Cruise to Lymington & the Hamble

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We are going to Lymington Yacht Haven and Port Hamble. Portsmouth HW on the Tuesday is 14:39 so we are set for an afternoon sail down to Lymington, arriving in good time for a pontoon party at 18:30 followed by dinner at The Mayflower for those wishing to join us. Wednesday is a morning sail up to Port Hamble Marina, arriving around or shortly after lunchtime. There will almost certainly be another pontoon party at around 18:00 but please make your own dining arrangements. We return to Chichester on Thursday, departing the Hamble some time after 08:00. Briefing notes will be sent out in the week prior to the cruise and there may be a final briefing in the club at 09:00 on the morning of departure, to be confirmed in the briefing notes.