Yachts: Shakedown Cruise to Yarmouth and Cowes – cancelled

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Do come and join our sunny cruise despite it being early season. We have requested light winds, flat water and spring warmth ideal for a pre Easter “shake down” to get rid of the winter cobwebs. All berths are reserved (10 max at present) and due to current restrictions we will confirm our social programme nearer the time. On Monday ( HW 1245 hrs) we will depart for Cowes Yacht Haven aiming to arrive circa lunchtime and would hope to be able to have our traditional early evening pontoon party, rules permitting. We will probably have a breakfast briefing. On Tuesday (HW 1328 hrs) we will depart late morning on the ebb tide for Yarmouth Harbour where we are booked in for two nights to give us some leisurely time for walks/bus trips out etc. yet to be planned. Thursday (HW 1459 hrs) will mark the formal end to our cruise returning to Chichester on the flood tide. However, if the weather remains favourable and for those so inclined, we thought we might see who on the day would like to sail on to Bembridge to meet up with the start of Helen and Graeme’s Easter Cruise which arrives on the Friday. We have made no berthing reservations as this is just an informal option but we will be happy to organise this at the time which shouldn’t be a problem at that time of year. Do come and join the fun and don’t be put off if the cruise looks full when you book because the marinas should have plenty of flexibility to increase numbers if needed.

David and Sandra Gore ( ARCADIA)

This is a members only cruise - login to reserve a place
This is a members only cruise - login to reserve a place

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