RYA Start Sailing


RYA Stages 1, 2 & 3 (Youths 8-15)*: Child-centred with an emphasis on enjoyment and building confidence. Each stage may take up to 2 days: Stages 1 and 2 are usually combined over 3 days, allowing each child to progress at their own pace – some will achieve Level 2, others need longer. The 5 day summer course run during the Club’s Open Dinghy Race week includes more fun and games, with social activities every day after sailing. Small single-handed dinghies are provided by the club, and achievements are recorded in a Logbook. Children should have some time on the water to practise the skills they have learned before progressing to Stage 3.

We have a range of courses throughout 2019:  Youth RYA 1,2 & 3 courses are

  • 8-10 April (RYA 3)
  • 17-19 April (RYA 1&2)
  • 27-29 May (RYA 1&2)
  • 15-16 June (RYA 1&2)
  • 16-19 July (RYA 1/2&3)
  • 31 July to 4 August Dinghy Week (RYA 1/2&3)
  • 12-13 August (RYA3)
  • 14-16 August (RYA1/2&3)
  • 19-22 August (RYA 1/2&3)
  • 29-30 August (RYA 3)

Stage 4 and advanced modules are available on demand. Young sailors with aptitude and enthusiasm for racing can progress to our Start to Race Series.

RYA Level 1 & 2 (Adult 16+): Start Sailing & Basic Skills: Basic theory and practical instruction on how to rig a dinghy and get afloat for the first time, in light winds and under supervision. Further training in sailing techniques develops skills and confidence. Each course normally takes 2 days, but levels are often combined to allow continuous progression through the stages.

Adult Course Dates in 2019 for members only

  • 25/26 May
  • 8/9 June
  • 17/18 August
  • 31 Aug/1 Sept

Contact the Office to learn more about the learn to sail options at Chichester Yacht Club.