Yacht Section WhatsApp groups

Join our Yacht Section WhatsApp groups to keep in touch with other Yacht Section members

WhatsApp is an application for smart phones which supports instant messaging and picture messaging between individuals and groups.

If you don’t already have WhatsApp on your phone, you can install it by going to the app store on your phone. If you have an older smart phone you can check whether it supports WhatsApp by going to the Help section of the WhatsApp website.

The Yacht Section runs three WhatsApp groups:

Yacht Section Chat

The Yacht Section Chat group is for general chat and banter.

Yachting Matters

The Yachting Matters group is for sharing advice and information about boats and arranging impromptu meetings with other members.

Crew Exchange

The Crew Exchange group brings together members who are looking for crewing opportunities with skippers who are looking for crew.

To join any of these groups please send your Chichester Yacht Club membership number, your mobile number and a note of which group you would like to join to media.yachts.cyc@gmail.com

Guidelines for Yacht Section WhatsApp users

  1. Remember messages are shared with all members of the group.
  2. Keep your messages polite.
  3. Please don’t post items which may offend other members or tarnish the club’s reputation.