Welcome to the Motor Section of Chichester Yacht Club

Everyone is welcome: The Motor Section provides opportunities and enjoyment to our members whose experience varies from those new to boating to the very experienced. Although members’ vessels range from small RIBs and motor boats to the larger more luxurious motor yachts, owning your own boat is not essential.
Whether through our cruising programme or through our social events, we go out of our way to provide opportunities to the full range of our members. We never stop learning and sharing knowledge and experience is both actively encouraged and enjoyed by all.

Our Cruising Programme is the popular series of events, published and advertised annually. These are pre-booked by the club and take our members to destinations both near and far. Members can choose to cruise independently or as part of a flotilla, knowing that friendly familiar faces will gather at the end of the voyage. Cruising in company can provide support and encouragement as well as challenges for the more experienced and adventurous.

New friendships, new capabilities and new knowledge are all forged in the friendly environment of these cruises. The programme runs in line with the season, mostly April to October, and destinations are chosen east and west along the south coast, the harbours of the Solent, the Isle of Wight, the French coast, the Channel Islands and the West Country.

Our aim is memorable fun – have you been in a dinghy, pushed up a river by the tide, where no sea-going boat can venture, and pushed out to sea again on the ebb? Our members have


We were all novices once and we never stop learning and so sharing knowledge and increasing confidence is a well-practised mantra within the Motor Section. Members are encouraged to participate in events which increase their knowledge and capability. Knowledge and expertise in boat handling techniques, navigation, coping with weather and sea conditions, all advance our enjoyment and appreciation of the hobby that we love. Our members are also able to formalise their learning, gaining qualifications with a selection of professional RYA approved courses, both in-house and with our local partner organisations.

Social Events : We have a long-established informal meeting schedule where members meet at the club on the evening of the first Friday of each month.  These “First Fridays” are a popular and great way to forge and establish lasting friendships with like minded people drawn together by a shared love of boats and sea.  Our section members are also, of course, enthusiastic participants in the club-wide programme of social events.


For the real experience, come visit us at the club-house, where you will be most welcome.