Dinghies: Weekday Evening Series 2

Event Details

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High Tide High Water
18:25 4.22

Following taken from the Club Racing NOR&SI

Appendix B – Two Fleet Series
The Midweek and Weekend Evening Series will be sailed in two fleets:

Fast Handicap
Any class with a PY of 1199 or lower

Slow Handicap
Any class with a PY of 1200 or higher

The helmsman of RS Fevas, Bytes and Miracles may elect to sail with either the Fast or Slow Fleets). Once they nominate
a fleet (at first ‘sign on’ for a series) they then must sail in that fleet for the entire series.


Already booked on this Club event
# Helm Age Crew Class of Boat Fleet Sail No
1Tom DobbsAero 9Safety boat duty1455
2Karen CheesemanKaren Cheesemanbyteslow3726
3James Davies16Topper 5.3Slow22898
4Henry Davies14Topper 5.3Slow15552
5Hilary SparkesRs Aero 5 2883
6Ethan Sparkes13Laser 4.7 212381
7Roger ClareRichard ClareRS400Fast1217
8Nick ColbourneBiddyGP14Fast13323
9Lottie CheesemanLaser 4.7Slow138274

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