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Last updated: 02/10/20

Current Club Covid-19 Status: Level 4

From 4th July, Chichester Yacht Club is now fully open

Since the start of the current Coronavirus outbreak, the General Committee set up a Major Incident Committee to provide both Covid-19 leadership and direction to the Club’s Operations Team and to ensure the Club continues to comply with the current Government Guidelines by ensuring appropriate Risk Assessments and required Guidance are produced.

It is the Club’s Policy to comply at all times the extant Government’s guidelines. Our priority is, and will remain to be, the safety and security in the relationships and interactions between our members, staff and visitors to the Club.

The Club has produced a Pathway Plan document which outlines Chichester Yacht Club’s approach to opening our facilities and services to our members and visitors. The aim is to have the Club well positioned to move forward as restrictions allow.

This is recommended reading so that members can understand the approach being adopted and can contribute to the development of ongoing ideas.

To date the following milestones have been achieved:

  • 13th May 2020: the Major Incident Committee moved the Club’s Covid-19 Status to Level 1, following updates to the Government’s restrictions, changes to water-based activities guidance from Defra and updates to the Harbour Conservancy guidelines.
  • 6th June 2020:  the Club launches its new Takeaway meals service.
  • 7th June 2020:  the Major Incident Committee moved the Club’s Covid-19 Status to Level 2, following further relaxation of the Government’s restrictions and approval of required risk assessments and guidance.
  • 23rd June 2020:  the Major Incident Committee moved the Club’s Covid-19 Status to Level 3, following the approval of required risk assessments and guidance for RYA training to re-start.
  • 26th June 2020:  the General Committee approved the Major Incident Committee recommendation to re-open the Clubhouse to members from 4th July and hence moving the Club’s Covid-19 Status to Level 4.
  • 28th June 2020:  The Major Incident Committee approved the reopening of the Club’s Changing Rooms, with restricted numbers.

This means:

  • The access road to the Club is now open;
  • The Club’s Dinghy Park is open to members;
  • The Club’s Garden and Foreshore are open to members;
  • Access to the Harbour is allowed, for all water-based activities;
  • Local marinas are open;
  • Club 1-1 coaching can start;
  • Club coaching can start ;
  • RYA Training can start;
  • Local Yacht and Motor cruising can start;
  • Local Dinghy cruising can start;
  • Dinghy events requiring a support boat can start;
  • Takeaway meals service is available;
  • The Sloop Toilets are now open;
  • From 4th July, members can stay on their boat overnight;
  • From 4th July, the Club’s full cruising programme can start;
  • From 4th July, the Clubhouse is now fully open to members and guests;
  • The Club’s Changing Rooms are now open, with limited numbers.
  • From 2nd October, the showers are open, with limited numbers. See guidelines and RA below.

However the following restrictions are still in operation:

  • Social Distancing should be maintain at all times (a minimum of 2m);
  • If 2m cannot be maintained then 1m + is acceptable with additional personal protection;
  • A maximum of 6 people can gather inside and outside at any time;
  • Table service only in the Clubhouse and the Garden;
  • Face coverings must be worn in the Clubhouse until you are seated at your table.

A few changes have been introduced inside the Clubhouse, as we all adjust to our “New Normal”:

  • A one-way system has been introduced in some areas to remove any pinch points
  • Tables are arranged close to 2m apart
  • A mandatory table service for drinks and food has been introduced
  • The Club’s toilets are now open
  • Face covering are mandatory for everyone visiting the Club
  • Advance Booking is mandatory to prevent overcrowding

The Major Incident Committee is now working on the next phases in our Pathway Plan, namely, accommodating visiting rallies, Dinghy Section Open Meetings and small Club events.

Please Remember

  • do not visit the Club if you, or any member of your family, are exhibiting any of the symptoms of Covid-19
  • do not visit the Club if you are self-isolating, or living with someone self-isolating
  • when you are at the Club, stay alert and maintain your social distance

Please keep safe and healthy

Tony Mobbs


All The Commodore’s Announcements can be read here.

Club Covid-19 Risk Assessments and Guidance Documents

The Club’s Covid-19 Pathway Plan defines a phased plan for opening up the Club in a number of levels of Club facilities available to members. Before moving to any Covid-19 Level, Covid-19 Risk Assessments and Guidance to staff or members must be produced. The Major Incident Committee will review and approve these documents before agreeing to move to the next level.

The following Risk Assessments have been produced so far:

  • Opening the Dinghy Park, here
  • Dinghy Section Cruising, here
  • Use of Safety Boat for dinghy events, here
  • Takeaway service – Members of Staff,  here
  • Takeaway service – Operations, here
  • Use of the Sloop toilets here
  • Reopening the Club from July 4th here
  • Updated on 2/10/20: Use of Club Changing Rooms, Toilets and Showers here  

The following guidelines are available currently to our members:

    • Using the Dinghy Park and accessing the Harbour from the Club’s foreshore here
    • Yacht and Motor members cruising as individuals here
    • Dinghy members cruising in company here
    • Safety Boat operators here
    • Return to Club Racing and guidance to Race Officers here
    • New: Return to the Clubhouse – quick guide to the “New Normal”here
    • New as of 02/10/20 : Use of Club Changing Rooms here

As more of our facilities become available, the Club will be producing guidance and new procedures for our members and staff alike.

Additional, up to date information can be found at: