This page has been set up to enable you to easily access information about the Club’s response to the Coronavirus Pandemic


Last updated: Wednesday 25 May 2020, additional personal on-water safety consideration

Current Club Status: Level 1

Since the start of the current Coronavirus outbreak, the General Committee set up a Major Incident Committee to provide Covid-19 leadership and direction to the Club’s Operations Team.

Following updates to the Government’s restrictions, changes to water-based activities guidance from Defra and updates to the Harbour Conservancy guidelines on 13th May 2020, the Major Incident Committee moved the Club’s Corvid-19 Status to Level 1. This means:

  • The access road to the Club is now open;
  • The Club’s Dinghy Park Open;
  • Access to the Harbour is allowed, for all water-based activities;
  • Local marinas are open;
  • Clubhouse remains closed.

The Major Incident Committee has now established a Member Advisory Group to address further options for additional member activities within the “new normal”, such as harbour cruising, Club coaching, dinghy racing and RYA training, once further Government easing of restrictions permits.

Risk Assessments and Member Guidance are being produced for these activities in order for the Major Incident Committee to assess before moving the Club to Corvid-19 Status Level 2.

The Club has produced a Pathway document which outlines Chichester Yacht Club’s plan to opening our facilities and services to our members and visitors. The aim is to have the Club well positioned to move forward as restrictions allow.

This is recommended reading so that members can understand the approach being adopted and can contribute to the development of ongoing ideas.

It is the Club’s Policy to comply at all times the extant Government’s guidelines. Our priority is, and will remain to be, the safety and security in the relationships and interactions between our members, staff and visitors to the Club.

As more of our facilities become available, the Club will be producing guidance and new procedures to our members and staff alike.

The following guidelines are available currently to our members:

  1. Using the Dinghy Park and assessing the Harbour from the Club’s foreshore
  2. Specific guidelines for members cruising as individuals

These are shown below.

Additional, up to date information can be found at:

Please Remember

Members must not visit the Club

  • if you, or any member of your family, are exhibiting any Covid-19 symptoms
  • you have been placed in quarantine or self isolation

Members are also advised to bring your own PPE to the Club, such as gloves, hand sanitiser, facial covering.

Please keep safe and healthy

Tony Mobbs


Chichester Yacht Club Rules

All The Commodore’s Announcements can be read here.

Wednesday 13 May 2020

Guidance to members using the Chichester Yacht Club for Water-Based Activities

It has been and will continue to be the policy of Chichester Yacht Club to follow Government guidance for limiting the number of interactions between members using the Club. Recently the Government has relaxed some of their previous restrictions on non-essential travel and increased the frequency and duration of personal exercising.

It is paramount that members using those parts of the Club now accessible or other facilities take personal responsibility to minimise the spread of infection by complying with the guidance provided. The guidance aims to reduce the risk to as low as reasonably possible but cannot remove it 100%.

This means the Club is now available to members to exercise through water-based activities, including

• Sailing
• Canoeing/kayaking
• Rowing
• Fishing
• Swimming.

Before you visit the Club
• Firstly, you must not visit the Club if you, or any member of your family, are exhibiting Covid-19 symptoms.
• You may only travel to the Club with members of your own isolating family bubble
• You might consider bringing your own personal protection equipment with you, such as gloves
• Remember the Clubhouse and its facilities are currently temporarily closed.

Arriving at the Club
• The marina road is now open
• You may be stopped at the marina barrier, if so, then state you name and where you are going, and they will lift the barrier

Car Parking
• Please park responsibly
• Park if you can in the Club’s own members’ car park
• Park to maximise the distance between cars
• If members are in the car next to yours then please wait until they either leave or get out of their car. Indicate your intention to the other driver
• If you are changing in the Car Park, before going afloat, ensure you are considerate to the sensitivities of other people passing by

Accessing Your Boat
• Go directly to your boat, avoid touching any other boat other than your own
• Keep at least 2 metres from any other person
• Be observant of other members who may be wishing to access their boat
• Give priority to any member of staff carrying out their duties, eg cutting the grass

Accessing the Water from the Club
• Check with the Chichester Harbour Conservancy website for latest information on recreational activities
• You are responsible for assessing your capabilities given the current weather conditions (remember, you may have lost some muscle mass during the lockdown)
• If in doubt, do not go onto the water
• Be considerate to and mindful of your impact on other water users, especially rescue services. You must be mindful that any rescue puts you and potential rescuers at increased risk of infection. Remember, also, that there are no routine safety services or safety boat cover. If you get into difficulty, make sure you have a plan. Consider carrying a personal radio or phone in a waterproof case and know who you would contact. As a water user, you have a responsibility to help others who may get into difficulty. ARE YOU WILLING TO ACCEPT THAT RESPONSIBILITY?
• Wait until the slipway is clear before launching
• If using the pontoon, be aware of other members and maintain social distances.
• Do not touch other boats or launching trollies
• The 2 metre restriction still applies on the water

Returning to the Club
• Wait until the slipway or pontoon is clear
• If you may require assistance recovering you boat, you should think again whether you should be launching. However, ensure that where assistance is provided it maintains social distancing, with gloves / hand washing being part of the consideration
• Only use the designated hose to wash your boat
• Use gloves when washing your boat

Leaving the Club
• Only return to your car if it is safe to do so
• Be aware of other members around you
• Leave the Club as quickly as you can


Sunday 17 May 2020

Specific Guidelines for Members Cruising as Individuals 

Guidelines are no substitute for the application of common sense and good seamanship by Skippers and their crews.

  • Do not visit your boat if you have any Covid-19 symptoms
  • When parking leave as much space as possible between vehicles
  • Keep a 2m distance from those who are not members of your household; consider using a mask if this is not possible
  • Use the finger berths when walking on the pontoons to avoid close contact with other users
  • Take care when touching gates, taps or hoses, using disposable gloves when necessary and washing your hand afterwards
  • You are not able to stay on your boat overnight unless you are living on board
  • Before planning a cruise ensure that your maintenance programme is up to date to reduce the risk of breakdown
  • You may cruise with members of your household or 1 other person if you are able to maintain a 2m distance on board
  • Before leaving your berth ensure that your radio is operational and that you carry appropriate spares.
  • Use your own lines within the locks to hold boats alongside, using disposable gloves when necessary and washing your hands afterwards
  • Avoid touching other boats and especially rafting up
  • If in doubt refer to item 1