Open Meetings and Results


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CYC Open Series Registration Page Dates Documents Results Photo Album
Snowflake 12/01 26/01 09/02 23/02 CYC Snowflake – amendments to SI’s
Snowflake NOR and SI 2020
Results Snowflake Album
RS400 Open 14/03 RS400 NOR 2020 V1
2020 General SI RS Class Association
Results RS400 Album
Merlin Open Postponed 28/03 merlin open 2020 nor si Cancelled Merlin & Hadron Album
Hadron Open Postponed 28/03 hadron open 2020 nor and si Cancelled
Solo Open 20/06 Cancelled
Europe Open 20/06 Cancelled
CYC Regatta 21/06 Cancelled
Topper Open 05/07 Cancelled
Dinghy Week 06/08 – 09/08 Results  Photos
2000 Open 19/09 Cancelled
Laser Open 03/10 Results
Optimist Open 17/10 Cancelled
Frozen Toe 01/11 15/11 29/11 13/12 Results

CYC Photo Timeline

Event Results Photos
Snowflake 2019  Results Snowflake Photo Album
Merlin Open 2019  Results Photo album
Hadron H2 Open 2019  Results
Optimist Open 2019  Results
2000 Open 2019  Results
Topper Open 2019  Results
CYC Regatta 2019  Results
Solo Open 2019  Results Solo and Europe Photo Album
Europe Open 2019  Results
Dinghy Week 2019 SI’s Main Results
Optimist Results
Upload your photos to the Dinghy week Photo Album
Laser Open 2019 Results
Frozen Toe 2019 : NoR & SI Results
Overall Results
Frozen Toe Photo Album

CYC Photo Timeline

Event Results Photos
Snowflake 2018  Results   Photo Album
Merlin Open 2018  Results Photo Album
Hadron H2 Open 2018  Results
Optimist Open 2018  Main Fleet Results
Regatta Fleet Results
 Photo album
2000 Open 2018  Results Photo Album 
Topper Open 2018  Results Photo Album 
CYC Regatta 2018  Results Photo Album
Solo Open 2018  Results
Europe Open 2018  Results
Dinghy Week 2018 Main Results
Optimist Results
Photo Album
Laser Open 2018 Results
Frozen Toe 2018 Results
Overall Results
Photo Album

CYC Photo Timeline

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