Open Meetings and Results

24th Mar 10:15Dates / Start TimeDocumentsResultsPhotos
Snowflake Series14th Jan 12:00
28th Jan 12:00
11th Feb 10:30
25th Feb 11:00
10th Mar 10:00
NoR & SIResultsPhotos
Europe & Solo Open24th Mar 10:15NoR & SIEurope Results
Solo Results
2000 Open20th & 21st Jul 10:30NoR & SIResultsPhotos
Hadron and RS400 Open4th Aug 11:30NoR & SIHadron Results
RS400 Results
CYC Dinghy Week7th to 11th Aug NoR & SIDinghy Week Results
Dinghy Week Pursuit
ICLA 4,6 & 7 Open21st Sep 13:00NoR & SIResultsPhotos
Optimist Open5th Oct 12:30NoR & SIMain Results
Regatta Results
Frozen Toe 20243rd Nov 11:00
17th Nov 10:30
1st Dec 10:00
15 Dec 09:45
NoR & SIResults
Frozen Toe Overall Result
Snowflake 2019 ResultsSnowflake Photo Album
Merlin Open 2019 ResultsPhoto album
Hadron H2 Open 2019 Results
Optimist Open 2019 Results 
2000 Open 2019 Results 
Topper Open 2019 Results 
CYC Regatta 2019 Results 
Solo Open 2019 ResultsSolo and Europe Photo Album
Europe Open 2019 Results 
Dinghy Week 2019 SI’sMain Results Optimist ResultsUpload your photos to the Dinghy week Photo Album
Laser Open 2019Results 
Frozen Toe 2019 : NoR & SIResults Overall ResultsFrozen Toe Photo Album
Snowflake 2018 Results  Photo Album
Merlin Open 2018 ResultsPhoto Album
Hadron H2 Open 2018 Results
Optimist Open 2018 Main Fleet Results Regatta Fleet Results Photo album
2000 Open 2018 ResultsPhoto Album 
Topper Open 2018 ResultsPhoto Album 
CYC Regatta 2018 ResultsPhoto Album
Solo Open 2018 Results 
Europe Open 2018 Results 
Dinghy Week 2018Main Results Optimist ResultsPhoto Album
Laser Open 2018Results 
Frozen Toe 2018Results Overall ResultsPhoto Album