Dinghy : Dinghy Week 2020 1&2

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High Tide High Water
14:14 4.67

You will find NOR / SI at the following link SI2020 – Dinghy Week

This year CYC’s annual dinghy week will be 4 days of racing for members (and invited guests only) from Thursday 6th August to Sunday 9th August. 2 Races per day, from a cyclone committee boat start.

Due to the Covid restrictions we can’t run the organised social events, but if the weather is good we hope to have some socially distanced evenings in the club.

Note: the changing rooms are currently Closed so competitors should arrive ready to sail.



To make running the racing as seamless as possible whilst adhering to COVID 19 guidelines and social distancing we ask that you follow the below steps with regard to entry, competing and finishing.


1) We encourage competitors to enter online on the CYC website or by messaging your Name, Class, Fleet and Sail Number on the CYC Dinghy racers WhatsApp group. Please note there will be no sign on sheets available on the day

2) The RO’s intention is to abandon if necessary will be publicised on WhatsApp one hour before the first start time.

3) We remind you that there is limited safety cover so please only compete if you feel competent with the conditions on the day, please refresh your memories on the SI’s Risk Statement

4) The course will be published on the CYC Dinghy racers Whatsapp no later than 30 mins before the start. The RO will, if weather permits,try to also display this outside the Sloop but please do not rely on this method

5) Racing will be in the confines of the Chichester Lake and will be within Eyesight of the Race Box.

6) There will be no sign off sheets. If you need to declare after the race (RTD, DNS, DNF) please message the CYC Dinghy Racers Whatsapp group. Else finishers will be as recorded.

7) Results will be published in the normal way on the CYC website.

Race Start times

HW/Ht Races Scheduled First Signal
Thurs 6th  August 2020 1414/4.7 1,2 1315
Fri 7th August 2020 1449/4.6 3,4 1400
Sat 8th  August 2020 1545/4.5 5,6 1430
Sun 9th  August 2020 1602/4.4




Fleet Definitions

10.1 Fast/Modern Fleet – Classes designed after 1990 typically, but not limited to, asymmetric boats with a PY of 1110 or less. In addition any class with a PY of 1045 or under.

  1. 2 Classic/Medium Fleet – Classes with a PY of 1046 to 1199 (see 10.4) and would typically include Comet (any type), Byte, Finn, GP14, Laser Full Rig & Radial, Miracle, National 12, OK, Solo, Streaker, Firefly, Wanderer.

10.3 Slow/Traditional/Novice Fleet – Classes with a PY 1200 or higher (Novice Fleet 1500 or under)



Already booked on this open event
# Helm Age Crew Club Class of Boat Fleet Sail No
1Mark GreenCYCRS VareoFast372
2Chris Day50CYCLaser DtandardMEDIUM159429
3Katherine Merryfield-Day16CYCLaser RadialMedium166336
4Meryl DeaneCYCStreakerMedium1677
5Charles PorterCYCLaser181047
6Lucas Sproul15CYC/Winsford flash sailing clubLaser radialMedium138200
8Isla HILL10CYCOptimist Slow6340
9Jake Teece11NoneCYCOptimist Slow6493
10Beau Hancock11N/ACYCOptimistSlow/ Novice5719
11Effie Grant12Sarah Grantcycmirrorslow70268
12Samuel Tonks13CycTera 2333
13Isabelle Tonks11CycOptimistSlow1094
14Bill GroseSally CantelloCYCScorpionFast2033
15Steve CockerillSarah CockerillLOSSCGP14Medium14034
16Ian FarrKatharine FarrCYC20002889
17John Reynolds68Fran HowellGrafham Water SCRooster 4000Fast4588
18Mark HarperDQSCSoloMedium5836
19Tom DobbsCYCAEROMedium1455
20Lottie Cheeseman16CYCLaser 4.7Slow138274
21Karen CheesemanCYCBYTESlow242
22Daisy Berry14CYCTopperSlow / Novicetbc
23Amy Berry16CYCLaser 4.7Slow167929
24Catherine Albone16CYCLaser 4.7 ?tbc
25Ian LissamoreCYCSoloMedium5400
26Helen GreenCYC2000Fast22542
27Nick EllimanRoger EllimanCYCRS400Fast1386
28Michael OlliffPaula OlliffCYC2000Fast21731
29Richard AndertonLucy BorehamCYCGP14Medium13323
30Roger MillettCYCHadron H2Fast131
31Nicholas Anderson11noneCYCOppieGBR5072
32Linda Kelsall-BarnettCYCChichester Harbour ScowSlowCS33
33Nicky Hill43 on 8th AugustCYCLaser radialMedium169016
34Vee TonksCycLaser radialMediumClub boat
35Samuel Machell9CYCOppieSlow/Novice5402
36John Purdy61DQSCSolo5262
37Susi OlliffKaty Merryfield dayCYCRS200Fast537
38matthew oliffAlly HaganCYC2000fastPhysio
39Bas Bush13tbcCYCMirrorSlow70543
40Peter HarrisonCYCFoxerSlow49
41Tim SpencerCYCRS VareoFast381
42Beth Albone20Piers Luxford CYCRS200Fast1083
43Nigel CowanOver 18-CYCHadron H2Fast109
44Roger ClareCYCRS VareoFast404
45Paul Trevan74Frensham Pond Sailing ClubSoloMedium5575
46Harrison Blackmore-Squires13CycTopperSlowClub topper
47Marcus Blackmore-Squires11CycOppieSlowUae 717

Open Event Booking

Age of Helm if under 18 - Registration must be completed by a Parent or Guardian.

For Junior Entries please provide the contact email address of Parent or Guardian.

For Junior Entries, please provide a contact number for Parent or Guardian.

Name of Crew

Age of Crew if under 18 - Registration must be completed by a Parent or Guardian.

In multi-fleet open meetings select the fleet you intend to enter. It is not permitted to change fleets during a race series.

Competitor Declaration

I agree to be bound by the Racing Rules of Sailing, and all other rules that govern this event. In particular, I confirm that I have read the Notice of Race & Sailing Instructions for the event and accept their provisions and agree that my boat will conform to the requirements set out in the Notice of Race & Sailing Instructions throughout the event.

Liability Exclusion

The safety of a boat and her entire management including insurance shall be the sole responsibility of the competitor/person in charge. Neither this notice nor any inspection of the boat limits or reduces the absolute responsibility of the competitor/person in charge for their crew, the boat and her management. The event organisers shall not be liable for any loss, damage, death or personal injury howsoever caused to the competitor/person in charge, or crew or accompanying persons, as a result of their taking part in the event and races and the competitor/person in charge indemnifies the event organisers against all and any costs, claims, demands and liabilities in respect of the same. Moreover, Sailing is a hazardous activity every competitor/person in charge warrants the suitability of their boat and crew to face the conditions that may arise in the course of the race or races of the event. Chichester Yacht Club will not pass on any information to any other organization . I agree to CYC contacting me regarding this and future events.

Parent or Guardian Declaration

(if the crew or helm is under 18) Under law, this crew is my dependent and I accept the statements above. I confirm that my dependent is competent to take part and I am responsible for my dependant throughout the event. During the time my dependent is afloat I will be around the venue that is hosting the event or I will inform the race officer in writing as to my whereabouts and who is acting in loco parentis during my absence.

Event Tickets

Ticket Price Quantity
Youth Helm Whole Week Entry £0.00 Sold out
CYC Member Whole Week Entry - Double Hander £15.00 Sold out
CYC Member Whole Week Entry - Single Hander £10.00 Sold out