The CYC Onward Cruise Towards the Channel Islands

On the first day of the onward cruise from Cherbourg towards the Channel Islands, we decided that the westerly wind was too strong so we would head in the opposite direction. Bugsy 2, Rascallion, Dawn Chorus, Uforia and Windreaver had a most enjoyable brisk sail to St. Vaast la Hougue. We had an afternoon tea party to review the weather, which was forecast to blow strongly from the west for a few days. We decided to stay put till the weather improved as St Vaast is a pleasant place with plenty of amenities.

On Monday we went for a walk in the afternoon and had a meal out in the evening before retiring to Rascallion for a further review of the weather. Windreaver decided to sail back home the next day, and Bugsy 2’s guest crew would also return home, as it looked as if we might not be sailing again for a few days. On Tuesday we hired bikes and went to Quettehou to investigate their market, where we bought some provisions. In the evening we had drinks on board Uforia, before we all ate on board. It now looked as if returning to Cherbourg the next day was possible, and so on Wednesday morning we sailed back there.

We spent Thursday in Cherbourg before setting off for Guernsey on Friday. We had a gentle motor-sail to Guernsey to find it bursting at the seams with a French race of about 100 boats, but we managed to get into the marina all the same. In the evening we booked a table at La Perla, one of our favourite restaurants.
On Saturday morning we motored across to anchor west of Sark, where we lolled about in the sunshine for a couple of hours before motor sailing to Carteret in light winds. We spent a couple of nights in Carteret, enjoying an excellent meal out at Le Cap on the second night.

On Monday we had a good sail round to St.Helier, where we moored up outside the marina till there was sufficient depth to let us in. We spent the next day shopping, doing laundry and relaxing, finishing with drinks on Dawn Chorus before eating on board. On Wednesday morning, cruise leaders David & Gill headed off for North Brittany as planned, while the rest headed for St. Peter Port and back to Cherbourg to start the RC Cruise to Normandy.

– By David & Gill, Bugsy 2